Father’s In Your Life Need This

The Father’s in your life need and are definitely gonna want these things. Shutran bath & body products are plant based and infused with essential oils. Get rid of the harsh chemicals from your favorite guy’s bathroom routine. He will thank you.


Your Clean Man

Shutran daily wash, clean and fresh for the man in your life.

Shutran Shave

Every man needs a good, clean shave. His skin will be left smooth and soft, don’t forget the Shutran after shave lotion.

Shutran Bar Soap

Maybe he prefers the good ole’ fashion bar soap. Infused with the goodness of Shutran.

Shutran Beard Oil

For the man who doesn’t shave he will love the beard oil to keep his hair soft and silky.

Shutran Oil

Shutran oil is a beautiful blend designed for the manliest of men.  Apply liberally. The lady in your life will love it!

So grab your favorite Dad some Shutran. He will thrilled.


Happy Father’s Day!

Young Living June 2019 Promos

Young Living June 2019 Promos (better late than never).




Summer is here and we have been busy. Check out these awesome promos this summer.

You definitely need Citronella with your 100 PV ER order.  Citronella is great for your summer outdoor adventures to keep the pests away.

190 PV purchase you will receive a 15mL Lime , 5mL Northern Lights Black Spruce and the 15 mL Citronella.

The 250 PV promo you will receive all of the above plus a Peppermint Cedarwood soap.

To get the whole she-bang for the 300 PV you will get NingXia socks….oh yes and Nitro.

I hope you are relaxing and enjoying making some sweet summertime memories!




5 Enzyme Varieties

Young Living has 5 different enzyme varieties. It might get confusing as to which one is best for you.  Download my enzyme cheat sheet below as a quick reference guide.

Are you confused whether you should take Allerzyme in the morning or Essentialzyme with meals or maybe Detoxzyme at night? Do you want to understand more about  what enzymes are and why you need them?  Go check out my post that covers the what and why and which one of all 5 Young Living enzymes you might want to add to your nutritional regimen. We even have enzymes specifically made for children.



Grab your enzyme cheat sheet below 👇





For more in depth descriptions and details on the who, what, why and how of ENZYMES go 👉 here.