Young Living March 2019 Promos

young Living-March-2019-Promotions


Young Living March 2019 Promos

Welcome Spring and all things Thieves 😍 for your home. The Thieves product line takes all the worry out of the products you are using in your home. This product line is beyond clean and super green. My favorite part is my kids can help with any chore related to cleaning because the products we use aren’t harmful.

100 PV

With your 100 PV qualifying ER order,  get an Orange Vitality. Some favorite ways we like to use Orange Vitality is in our Einkorn protein breakfast smoothie. I love the results I get when I add orange vitality to my Thieves toothpaste, give it a try.


With your 190 PV qualifying essential rewards order, you will receive the orange vitality and a thieves vitality. Mix those two together in the kitchen for all things healthy and delicious. You can add thieves vitality to your tea for an immune supporting start to your day.  You will also receive a Thieves Dish Soap. Find out here how to stretch your soap into 3. Talk about saving money!!

250 PV

With your qualifying ER purchase get all of the above, plus Thieves Handsoap and Thieves Veggie Soak. More ways to keep chemicals out of your home with these awesome must have products.

Wash your hands with a plant based, gentle and power packed cleanser with Thieves, lemon and orange essential oils. Contains no sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Once you fall in love with this you can order the hand Foaming soap refill.

Young Living’s Fruit & Veggie Soak safely  washes produce with the cleansing power of three exclusive essential oil blends—DiGize, Thieves, and Purification. When combined with the other naturally-derived ingredients, all your produce is easily  cleaned.

Even if you’re buying organic produce, a fruit and veggie wash will help clean your product from wax, dirt, and other yuck. You never know who has touched your produce before you get it into your home.

Just add Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak to a basin of water: Soak, rinse, and enjoy! Fruits and vegetables as nature intended, without all the pesticides and chemicals from the fields.


300 PV

With your qualifying 300 PV purchase get ALL of the goodness from above, PLUS 5mL bottle of Kunzea. This was a new oil released last year at convention. Read more here.

You will also get a bottle of  Thieves Household Cleaner. This cleaner is concentrated and makes about 22 full size bottles once diluted. Wow, more money saved!!! Check out 50 ways to use this cleaner around your home.


Grab some Thieves for your Home today and enjoy chemical free living. The best part is how you can get all this for FREE! Every time you use Thieves products that is one less chemical laden product you used to use. Talk about peace of mind. That’s what Thieves gives me in my home.






Valentine Gift Ideas

I used to LOVE  receiving all the typical Valentine’s Day gifts because they smelled so good. Just 5 1/2 years after I was introduced to Young Living, I can not stand to use or even be in the room with that “smelly” stuff. What I used to think smelled so good now, gags me when I am around it.  I know how harmful some of those gifts are now that I used to adore, those chemically laden candles, bath gel, body spray, and perfume. Those are popular gifts, but don’t do it. Give your loved one something that will give benefit and not harm.

Did you know that those regular big brand department store (and grocery store) items come with a high price, that price includes lots of extra chemicals your body can’t use and in fact it will cause more harm than good.


Natural Ideas Young Living Style


Who doesn’t love a good massage anytime but especially welcomed on Valentine’s Day. Young Living has a whole selection to choose from but Sensation and Relaxation are at the top of the list.

The EO Roll-On’s are convenient, beneficial and smell amazing. Whether they want better sleep (RutaVaLa), help managing everyday stressors (Stress Away), more confidence (Valor), Daily tension support (Deep Relief),  or just general inner tranquility (Tranquil).

VDay4-EO-Bath-Salts VDay5-Cologne

How about relaxing in a tub with some essential oil bath salts. This is a simple way to unwind before bed. Don’t forget the good smelling all-natural colognes for HIM. Dump the chemical poisons and try making him, his own special essential oil blend.

VDay6-Perfume VDay7-Vitassage

Perfumes for her, there are so many blends and choices, get creative.

The vitassage is an essential oil dispensing massager. YES, Please! Add up to 3 of your favorite oils in combination for an oily delightful massage experience. Our top 21 choices for essential oils and blends to make your Valentine’s extra special.


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Your Valentine Will Thank You!

Make your Valentine extra happy this year!!

If you don’t already have access and a deep discount to Young Living, grab yours here with some bonuses too!





CBD Oil Coming to Young Living



This is really HUGE news in our oily corner of the world! CBD oil is coming to Young Living in 2019!! Yahoo!! I’ve been hoping for this addition for a long time now.   I have seen it do amazing things for many people and for such a broad range of issues, in fact several of my patients are using this oil. Do some reading on all the uses and benefits of CBD oil and then you will see why I’m so excited. The thing is…Young Living does EVERYTHING better. Young Living producing CBD oil with their awesome purity standards, above organic standards and Seed to Seal process is why this makes this a really big deal. Finding a company with truly clean sourcing will now be a no-brainer. No compromising of standards with Young Living.


Why Young Living CBD


Young Living’s CBD will be:

🌱Made from organic hemp

🌱THC Free (no mind altering substances)

🌱Essential Oil infused for better absorption, enhanced action and synergy

🌱Will meet SEED TO SEAL standards just like our essential oils

CBD and Young Living ESSENTIAL OILS…. a is perfect pairing!

The Farm Bill Changes

The laws just changes in mid December 2018 with the Farm Bill.

🌱Hemp was added to the controlled substance list in the Controlled Substance Act back in 1970

🌱In 2014 the farm bill was passed that allowed Hemp derived products to be sold. They were told that Alabama was the only state that still classified it as illegal🚫

🌱The farm bill that was passed takes Hemp and Hemp derived products  off of the Controlled Substance List making it completely legal in all 50 states


Who’s Ready for Young Living CBD Oil??


Stay in the Know

**IF you are not already a Young Living member and want to get CBD details when they are released, leave your info here so I can contact you personally to help you get started with CDB Oil.