10 Things Your Husband Wants You To Know About Jasmine

Oh yes your loved one will definitely splurge on this one for your oil collection. Jasmine is being adding to my new favorite’s list. This one is sweet and beautiful and just plain heavenly.

Young Living Jasmine essence 10 ways to enjoy

What is an Absolute in the Essential Oil World?

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is an essence, not an essential oil. An absolute refers to the process that is used to extract from this delicate flower. Typical steam distillation would not be tolerated by this tiny flower. The extraction process that is utilized is able to capture the aromatic portion of the flower without losing any of the original beauty. The entire process is quite delicate requires special care and knowledge of capturing the flower’s essence to protect it from damage and maintain the therapeutic properties of the chemical constituents.

Why Do Women Love Jasmine (and men too)?

Jasmine is most recognized in the perfume industry. It is known for its alluring and seductive aroma. Jasmine has been referred to as the  “queen of the night” and “moonlight of the grove”.

Young Living’s Description:

Jasmine** (Jasminum officinale) has a warm, exotic, floral fragrance that relaxes, soothes, uplifts, and enhances self-confidence. Jasmine is beneficial for the skin. It has been used throughout history for romance and attraction and for balancing the feminine energy of the body.

**Jasmine is an absolute or essence, rather than an essential oil.

Top 10 Uses for Jasmine Essence

Jasmine is a mood balancing fragrance. It can help balance male and especially female energies. Why is this important? Well it can help with everyday moods, but it can especially help in the bedroom. If things are going right in the bedroom, then hopefully spirits are lifted in general.

Jasmine can help with relaxation, calming and general anxiousness. It is stimulating and uplifting so it counters those negative feelings and emotions, while allowing confidence to shine through.

Jasmine is an immune supporter. This should not surprise you because many plants have these qualities.  Jasmine can help manage normal PMS issues, again especially dealing with those mood swings that often accompany women’s fluctuating hormone levels during a normal menstrual cycle. Jasmine has been used in the beauty and cosmetic industry for many years so it is no surprise that is is a skin supporting essence and can soothe dry and aging skin as well as greasy or non-cystic acne-prone skin. You see why your man will buy you Jasmine!

How to Use Jasmine

This was my first (of many future experiences) with Jasmine.  I already have a love affair with Ylang Ylang essential oil and I have mentioned that before…but Jasmine is near perfection! I like to wear it as perfume (behind ears or on wrists). You can also wear a drop over your heart or on your crown. VitaFlex points are a great application place as well. Your reference guide should have a VitaFlex chart (if you don’t have one I’d love to give you one.)


DIY with Jasmine

Here is a Sleep and/or Grief recipe modified from my new book “The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oil” see link below). Mix 2 tablespoons Jojoba or Young Living’s V-6 carrier oil and add 2 drops of each: Jasmine, Rose, Petitgrain, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Rosewood, and  Vetiver.

Consider blending Jasmine with your favorite DIY body care products such as a bath salts or foot emollient. The great thing about Jasmine was that I got it for FREE with my Essential Reward points.

Keep oiling and discovering!




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