Are You In The Mood For Lovin’?

Are you ever fully in the mood for lovin’ these days?  Life is busy let’s face it. Are you just not in “the mood”? Do you have a lot of  “headaches”? Are you a busy mom taking care of the family? Do you work full time? If you have kids in school there is carpooling, after school activities and homework not to mention laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping. Does this leave time for anything but fatigue? Just. Let. Me. Sleep. I just came across a couple Young Living treasures and  with Valentine’s Day on the way, why not surprise him (or her) in a sensational way?! are you in the mood for romance and sensation

Sensational Sensation

Young Living has two varieties of “Sensation”. Young Living describes their essential oil blend like this:

Sensation™ is a wonderfully fragrant, powerfully romantic blend that is extremely uplifting and refreshing. It was formulated to enhance the enjoyment of special moments.

This exotic blend has Ylang Ylang essential oil which is definitely a favorite of mine, such a beautiful flowery aroma. This one brings balance especially between male & female energies, encourages positivity and joy! Bergamot essential oil is a citrus and can create energy, joy and is very stimulating. Supportive to the hormonal system and emotions, can boost the confidence too. Jasmine essential oil inspires joy and harmony. Geranium essential oil works wonders on the emotions and smells terrific. These oils are all supportive of the skin…but let’s get to the good stuff. This essential oil blend can help heighten romance in the bedroom. It helps encourage togetherness, feelings of affection and arousal. Apply topically–as desired!

Sensational Refreshment

But first…..begin your night of love with a relaxing bath. Add some Sensation Bath & Shower Gel to your tub and light some candles! Let’s get you in the mood! Young Living says:

Sensation™ Bath & Shower Gel combines an enchantingly fragrant mix of oils used by Cleopatra to enhance love and increase desire with the finest natural ingredients to create a sensational bath time experience.

You can also pour a handful of Epsom salt into your hand and just add a few drops of the Sensation Essential Oil blend, then disperse into the water.  sensation massage oil

A Massage Sensation

Sensation massage oil blend is a perfect pairing after your relaxing soak in the tub. We all love massages. Let’s continue with the relaxation and move into the bedroom, don’t forget to turn on the Michael Bublé or Sade. Sensation is a Young Living massage oil blend that can be used to “heat” things up in the bedroom.  You can learn all about Sensation massage oil and other Young Living massage oils here. Take it from here! You can mix it up however you choose! Sensation is one sensational combination you will surely have fun experimenting with!

Valentine’s Day Have you Stumped?

Are you looking for the greatest Valentine’s gift yet? Why not get her the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. You can then have the option of improving the mood via your new home diffuser. Add some water and Sensation essential oil and you are one step closer to re-connecting with your loved one! You will thank me later, wink-wink!