Aroma Complete Favorites Revealed: The Year of “H” Essential Oils


2015 wish-Young Liviing

I received my Aroma Complete and the “sniffing” party began right after I labeled and alphabetized my beautiful oil set. I received this 120 essential oil set as a gift from Young Living for completing the rank of Silver in a program called “Silver In 6.” I already have quite a few oils but I am so grateful for all the new ones I received. I definitely have some new favorites to reveal and share with you!

The oils I love ironically begin with letter “H”. I will declare 2015 to be the year of H! Humility, Hope, Harmony, and Highest Potential. Oh and Australian Blue was on the top of my list too (maybe a trip to Australia in the near future should be planned!)


Hope Essential Oil Blend

The Hope blend is supportive of new things coming and moving forward in life. It encourages vision and focus while helping with re-connection and grounding.

Humility Essential Oil Blend

The Humility blend helps restore healing to the mind and spirit in regards to forgiveness. It can help you move toward a closer relationship with God.

Harmony Essential Oil Blend

The Harmony blend is supportive of both emotional and physical health while creating balance and harmony. It can be helpful for reducing everyday stress “feelings” while uplifting the spirit and creating a more positive attitude.

Highest Potential Oil Blend

The Highest Potential blend is a powerful combination of emotional blends with exotic oil singles and potent biblical oils. These oils can be mind elevating, thought provoking, and steering you toward your highest potential. This blend is very empowering!

I still love Ylang Ylang

Interesting that these 4 new favorites all include Ylang Ylang. I love this oil for its balancing effects. It really keeps my mood elevated and me feeling pretty happy.

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