Aroma Ease Essential Oil


Aroma Ease is is blend that contains Peppermint, Spearmint, Cardamom, Fennel and Ginger essential oils. This combination is invigorating and refreshing. Aroma Ease contains some power packing chemical constituents. This blend is especially supportive to the digest and immune systems. It is also helpful for relieving occasional stress related to daily living. Try applying to the VitaFlex points or solar plexus to support healthy energy flow to allow calming and balance to the body. Great to use when traveling. I also enjoy diffusing when I’m ready for calmness and serenity.



Aroma Ease Young Living

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Flex Oils

Aroma Ease is part of the flex oil collection. This is one of the available oils with the premium starter kits should one of the oils be out of stock when you order. You may receive this one as a substitution. Either way you should definitely add this to your collection.