ART Skin Care Basics

Did you know Young Living offers an amazing product line up for your skin care needs? The skin is our largest organ and taking care of it is important. The skin is a big player in detoxification of our body. The skin ages in two ways due to environmental factors and due to biological aging. A comprehensive skin care regimen addresses both factors. Prevention and protection are the keys to keeping your youthful appearance.

The American Academy of Dermatology tells us that the slowing down of elastin and collagen production occur between 20 and 80 years of age with a decrease of 65%. Thickness of the skin decreases by 6% every 10 years.

Intrinsic aging which are hereditary factors account for 10% of the visible signs of aging. Darker and thicker skin types show less aging signs. Actinic (external factors) can be caused from smoking, excessive alcohol, improperly balanced nutrition and sun exposure. These external factors can be from free radicals which bring about visible pre-mature changes in the skin including: wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation spots, changes and lack of color. Proper skin care protection from the sun can help minimize these signs as 90% of them are from exposure.

The biological clock is always ticking and this ticking can show changes in your skin and complexion. Visible aging signs typically can begin around 25 years old. The natural regenerative process begins to slow down at this time. Cell regeneration and turnover is much slower. Protection is imperitive.


Caring for your Skin from the Inside Out

Supporting the skin starts from within. Proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals are key. Your body works in systems and each must be functioning properly. It will make a difference how you feel within and how you appear. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins with adequate water with keep you feeling vital and energized.

Young Living offers several selections to meet your skin care needs. The Young Living products are free from harmful chemicals found in many products available in the market. All natural ingredients infused with the ancient beauty secrets found in essential oils used for centuries are included in Young Living products.  Support for aging skin to help protect and revitalize can be support with the ART Skin Care system.


ART- 3-Step-Basic-Regimen

Young Living ART Skin Care

Terrific skin care starts with just 3 fundamental steps which include cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The ART skin care product is formulated with soothing botanicals and is infused with pure, Seed to Seal quality and pure essential oils. The oils of Frankincense and Sandalwood are used to nourish the skin. Orchid flower extract is very hydrating along with a proprietary blend of botanicals, preserve the products naturally, preventing growth of germs, fungus and mold in the container without harsh chemicals.

ART Gentle Cleanser

Cleansing morning and night is your first step to keeping your skin healthy. Gently cleansing twice daily helps to remove dead cells, make-up, oil and debris.  Infused with essential oils, this product offers all the benefits with additional plant based ingredients to gently, yet effectively cleanse and remove comedogenic (pore clogging) impurities from the skin’s surface. Cleansing allows other skin care product to work better.

How to Use ART Cleanser

Use warm water to produce a lather with just a nickel sized amount, by rubbing the cleanser between your hands. Massage your face with the lather and rinse. Watch the as the mild foaming leaves you with supple, cleansed skin without stripping your face of the natural oils.


ART-gentle-cleanser-The Oil-Dropper

ART Refreshing Toner

Toner is something I often just skip right over. The purpose of toner is to close and tighten those pores that you just opened up with cleansing. To maximize your skin care regimen, do not skip the toning step. The ART toner is quick absorbing and refreshing with its infusion of essential oils, including Peppermint. The toner helps to re-balance the skin’s pH and diminishes the appearance of pores. It can also remove residual impurities left behind after cleansing.

How to Use ART Toner

Add a few drops to a cottonball and gently brush across clean, dry skin to help restore hydration and calm skin to remove last traces of debris.


ART Light Moisturizer

Protection and hydration is key to locking in moisture and creating soft, smooth appearing complexion. Use a moisturzer for your skin type that is non-comedogenic (non-clogging to pores).

How to use ART Moisturizer

Apply ART light moisturizer to all facial skin surfaces twice daily after your cleansing and toning regimen.


That’s A Great Start

The ART 3 step system is a great basic regimen. Get ready to learn about some amazing beauty “secrets” and what you can add to this regimen based on your skin type and preference.

Choosing a a great skin care system is the best way you can protect your beautiful face and keep your youthful appearance. Hydration and Protection!