Blue Cypress Essential Oil Uses


Blue Cypress (callitris intratropica) was used historically for embalming, as incense and as an additive to perfume. It was also used as an additive to adhesives.

Today Blue Cypress is used as a support for the body’s natural responses as well as aiding normal breathing. It has an ORAC score of 73,100 µTE/100g .  Blue Cypress has a woodsy-spicy aroma. It is soothing and warming to the skin. It works on the emotions by restoring balance and is empowering and inspires confidence.


How to Use Blue Cypress

Blue Cypress can be applied on location or to the VitaFlex points, it is a great idea to dilute and go slow when starting with a new oil.  It can also be inhaled directly or diffused.

Blue Cypress is also found in these Young Living favorites: Australian Blue, Brain Power, Breathe Again, Highest Potential and Oola Grow.

Essential Rewards

I picked up Blue Cypress as a freebie with my essential reward points! What a great way to try ALL of the Young Living collections.