Essential Oils with Dogs



Learn About Oils for Your Dog

Our dogs are some of our best friends. We use essential oils on our whole family, why not use them on man’s best friend too? Don’t skimp on your dog, they need the best too and with Young Living they will get the very best.


Learn here in just 12 minutes some of the ways to use oils on your dog and some fun recipes too!




Recipes for Your Dog

Download the recipes for your pup here and be sure to order your own premium starter kit for you and your pal. Let me know when you have ordered so I can send you some more information and add your to our private website.


Cat Lover??

Maybe you have a cat??? Learn more here.





Sacred Sandalwood

What is different about Sacred Sandalwood? This variety is native to India but Young Living transplanted it to our partner farm in Australia which has very similar climate and it flourished. Many love sandalwood for its woodsy aroma. It is a wonderful component to any skin care regimen and is particularly nice to add to your favorite spa pamper treatments, yoga and even meditation. It can give the skin a healthy looking glow and reduce the appearance of normal and fine aging lines. This variety of sandalwood is from the Santalum album species.




Some Great Ways to Use Sacred Sandalwood

*Apply a drop or two with your daily skincare regimen. Try adding to your ART moisturizer.
*Wear it as a perfume over your neck, wrist or heart and enjoy the seductive aroma.
*Use as part of your relaxation massage by adding a few drops with your favorite carrier oil or v-6.
*Add to your bath with Epsom salt.
*Use a few drops on a hot towel for a spa like treatment
*Use during your time of yoga.
*Use during your devotional or worship time to promote feelings of closeness with God.


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Roman Chamomile


Roman Chamomile

This is a beautifully herbaceous oil that we wait for to come in stock! That time is NOW!! Β This plant is steam distilled from its flower and was used by the Saxons in their top 9 herbs and in Europe for skin support.


What is this good for??

Well, the reason you need this oil is if you are like me and have children, specifically 3 boys! Roman Chamomile is wonderful and mild for children. It makes it a super choice for calming restlessness and anxiousness (especially in littles). It can help with irritability, nervousness and dispeling anger. If keeping emotions in check is on your list then you might want to give this one a try.

It is calming and soothing to the skin. Roman Chamomile is a great addition to a massage oil especially after a tough work out.


How To Use It?

Add Roman Chamomile to your diffuser and enjoy the fragrant calming effects. You can also apply topically to vitaflex points, or on location as you desire. The wrists and feet are my favorite place. This oil has some other really terrific benefits if you want to dig a little deeper check out the research.


Snatch your bottle here while it is in stock, breathe in and ENJOY!!!