Spring Refresh {Product Bundles}


07 Spring Catalog

Are you ready for the Spring Refresh with new product bundles?! We are super excited to see these fun gift sets being rolled out. These are just in time for Mother’s Day coming up and they would also make wonderful Teacher Appreciation gifts!


Essential Oil Basic Set

I’m super excited for this grouping. The EO Basic Set includes my top 3 most used oils. Peppermint, Lavender and Thieves together have hundreds upon hundreds of uses. Try the vitality versions for supplement use too.




Citrus Vitality Set

The Citrus Vitality set is perfect for mixing up your daily beverage intake. Try mixing these together or separate to add some flair to your everyday water.


Water Bottle Set
This set includes an awesome Young Living logo glass bottle with a bottle of Citrus Fresh vitality.


Treat Your Feet

07 Spring Catalog

Get ready for an in home spa experience for your feet.  The Pedicure Set includes a Peppermint and Stress Away 5-mL plus a smoothing pumice stone and slipper sock. Pair this with some foot love and you have some great pampering. Some other pampering ideas for your feet here to get you sandal ready.

DIY Beauty Set


The DIY Beauty Set includes some wonderfully moisturizing oils to pamper the skin you are in. Cedarwood and Lavender are great for your skin. This set includes the adorable tote pictured and some DIY recipes too. When you get started with my team I will send you a ton of DIY recipes just for your Premium Starter Kit too!


Don’t Exclude the Kids




My boys absolutely love their oils. The KidScent Spring Set is fun for your kiddos.  This kid friendly diffuser bracelet is the perfect way to send your kids to school with some oils. Geneyus is a specially formulated blend to help little ones stay on track. Here is another recipe for focus from an earlier post.

Pretty Stuff for Moms



I love wearing diffuser jewelry and Young Living now has two choices in necklaces. You can order the locket or cylinder style. Then apply your favorite oils and have the beneficial therapeutic grade oils with you all day that you can breathe in and be supported.


Coming Soon


I might be most excited about these two fantastic kits coming soon. The Thieves Home Cleaning Kit will provide everything you need to get started on your journey to a chemical free home. It includes a wonderful base of cleaning oils and of course our beloved Thieves Household cleaner that has replaced everything under my kitchen sink.

The Active Outdoor Set is just in time for summer with everything to have you well equipped to enjoy the outdoors.




Expanding Vitality Essential Oil Collection

The expanding Vitality essential oil collection is exciting for Young Living! The Vitality Line began with just 24 oils and is now up to 44 oils.

The Vitality Line is Young Living’s dietary supplement and cooking essential oil line. They are easily recognizable with the white labels. These oils are the exact same as the regular oils with the same name except they are designated as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) for internal use.  Not all oil brands are safe, I trust my oils exclusively to Young Living because of their Seed to Seal guarantee of purity. Only the best for my family!


The Vitality Essential Oil Collection

This collection is terrific for flavoring your food and using daily as part of your wellness and supplement routine. Enjoy creating with this wide spread variety and very delicious additions. There are four categories in the Vitality collection including—Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement.



Black Pepper


Carrot Seed

Celery Seed

Cinnamon Bark

Citrus Fresh









German Chamomile




Jade Lemon



Laurus Nobilis







Mountain Savory














Which are your favorite Vitality Oils?


Slique Challenge 2017

Heard about the Slique Challenge?

Well, its the new year and typically this is a time when people re-assess their health goals. It is a great time to detoxify from harmful foods and chemicals and get your body working at it’s best optimal state. There are some amazing Young Living products to help you get back on track. Let’s chat about some ideas and you can download the booklet before you go at the bottom of this post!


Stop Making Excuses

Many people make excuses all throughout there day to justify why they can’t do something or won’t do something.  Figure out your plan and stick to it. If its’s exercise, find something you can enjoy or try something new. You never know you might fall in love with Zumba or Yoga or Kickboxing. Did you ever notice your gym gets super busy in January as everyone is getting back on track?  Young Living has some great products to help you begin your routine. Don’t leave home without your NingXia NITRO for some extra energy. This pairs great with NingXia Red and Master Formula you all inclusive multi supplement. Throw on some En-R-Gee blend to help support your “energy” get why it’s named that. I like to apply this blend over my adrenals which are on your back on either side just about your kidneys. Cool Azul Pain Cream will come in handy for those sore muscles that haven’t been stretched to their limit for awhile.

Energize Your Day

Get your day started off right with the NingXia Red (to fill in the nutritional gaps) and NingXia NITRO (for extra energy)!

Enjoy a Guilt Free Treat

Slique Essence Tea is my favorites later in the day when I’m just craving a little sweet. It has just the right amount of natural sweetness to satisfy.

Drinking More Water

Water is such a key element to being healthy. Your body needs water and lots of it. Most people are borderline dehydrated most of the time. Add your favorite Vitality oils to your glass water bottle to make it more interesting.

Controlling Hunger Pangs

Try some Slique Essential Oil in your water to help curb those cravings. It tastes amazing too.

An Energy Filled Snack

Slique bars are a delicious and healthy snack that is very filling. They have saved me from drive through panic on an occasion or two.

Burning Fat

Need some help to meet your weight loss goals and burn fat? Try Slique CitraSlim. This pairs nicely with a healthy meal plan and moderate exercise too.


Now for the Slique in 60 Challenge

Join the Slique in 60 Challenge. Young Living is even offering a money back guarantee. You can check out all the rules and details here.


Free Slique Booklet

Download this book here and share these great products with your friends!


What are you favorite Slique products?