Young Living 2017 Convention Product Release

Young Living 2017 Convention was amazing with over 50 new products released. Here is a sneak peak. Stay tuned for in-depth descriptions of these products. Subscribe here so you don’t miss a post if you haven’t already.



If you haven’t tried Young Living products and have not yet begun your own chemical free journey down your own wellness path, I’d love to help support you on this ride.   Check out these products and get started today!!

Young Living 2017 Convention

Details Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more details on Savvy Minerals (toxin free make up line that is BRAND NEW), Seedlings (for little ones sensitive skin care needs) and 3 brand new FDA approved OTC products (Sunscreen, Bug Spray and After Sun Spray) plus some new supplements! Young Living is amazing and innovative!!





Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint plants have been used since ancient times for many things. Spearmint is extracted from the flowering tops of the spearmint plant. Today spearmint is still used in natural home remedies to support healthy digestion, by way of helping to relax intestines and muscles of the digestive tract it is supportive to normal digestion. It can calm tummies as well on occasion.

Spearmint is contained in two of my favorite blends Citrus Fresh and Slique Essence (which is part of our healthy weight loss program).  To me it smells so refreshing and it reminds me of my favorite gum without the bad stuff the gum contains!  Don’t you love the smell of spearmint?


How We Use Spearmint

We can reap the benefits of the spearmint plant by using spearmint therapeutic grade essential oil from Young Living. I enjoy placing a drop in my favorite beverage using Spearmint Vitality.

Spearmint essential oil is in one of the popular Young Living blends called Citrus Fresh. It tastes great in water especially with a little reminder of summer. The scent of spearmint is minty and refreshing and may help release emotional blocks and restore feelings of emotional balance. Today we use this beneficial Spearmint Vitality essential oil as a supplement. It can be added to 00 veggie capsule or added to your favorite beverage. Regular spearmint feels cooling and wonderful when used topically. Apply to your muscles during a massage. It is also soothing when applied over the abdomen particularly during a normal menstrual cycle. I also love diffusing this oil alone or in combination with other essential oils.

Spearmint contains the naturally occurring constituents of menthol, carvone, and limonene. Check out these components for all the wonderful properties of Spearmint.

Some cautions were noted if you are or may become pregnant, as with all remedies, supplements and OTC meds please seek the advice of your healthcare provider.

 Which mint do you prefer?










SARA Essential Oil

SARA™ is a blend of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Blue Tansy, and other oils that is designed as a soothing scent to be used during difficult or emotional times. It can help to facilitate and release emotions surrounded by traumatic experiences including physical and emotional instances.


Let’s Take A Closer Look at SARA

This specially formulated blend contains 8 wonderful essential oil singles in a base of sweet almond oil. which is a rich source of Vitamin E. Almond oil can be considered a nutrient for the brain and nervous system.

Ylang Ylang improves the ability to relax. It is also balancing to female-male energies. It can support restoration of confidence. (read more on Ylang Ylang here)

Geranium may help release negative memories and improve and elevate the mind to a more positive emotional state. (read more on Geranium here)

Lavender is both relaxing and grounding. It can support relaxation and allow the mind to unwind. (read more on Lavender here)

Orange oil may help to bring about joy and peace. It is uplifting to the mind allowing for tranquility. (read more on Orange here)

Blue Tansy supportive to the emotions when applied over the liver and kidneys both organs are said to store emotions.  May help release negative emotion and help to overcome anger and fear.

Cedarwood helps to stimulate the limbic system of the brain where our emotions are stored, center of memories. It may help to improve thoughts as it can affect the pineal gland which is responsible for releasing melatonin. This may help improve thoughts and emotions. This oil is high in sesquiterpenes. (read more on Cedarwood here)

White Lotus help to stop self sabotaging thoughts. May help release negative trauma and assist with release of those emotions.

Rose having the highest frequency of all essential oils can help to create balance and harmony. It can help to bring joy and elevate the mind.


How To Use SARA

Diffuse for emotional support or apply topically to emotional centers such as navel, abdomen, temples, nose and VitaFlex points on feet. Take caution when applying topically to avoid sun exposure, some oils have photosensitive response.