Oil Organization On the Go!


Storage and Portability

I wanted to share my impression of my new Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box from Aroma Outfitters. This wooden box is sturdy and roomy!  In a word VERSATILITY makes this a new favorite and a MUST HAVE to your essential oil storage solution. This is really an all in one solution for home or travel. I can keep my favorite and most used oils in this case and move it from my bathroom to the main part of my house where I am all day.

The great thing it is always ready to travel.  Just having my oils conveniently located in one area has already saved me many trips back and forth throughout my day. The storage box keeps them stored in an upright position which is important to prevent leakage and deterioration of your oil orifices over time. Ready to go??


Size Options and Convenience

You will want this box in every size for your oily collection. There are several options so you can decide which is right for you.  The 68 bottle capacity is perfect for my classes and travel (pictured above). There is also a smaller version with 35 bottles and a larger version with 87 bottles to suit your preference.

All sizes hold both 5 mL and 15 mL bottles. There are also slanted slots for your roller ball blends. The box also includes a foam pad to help protect your oils with transport. The carrying case is a must have so you can slip over the wooden essential oil storage box and travel with your oils. The carrying case allows some extra room for other items you might want to slide inside to keep with your oils such as booklets, recipes or the like. I see a couple more of these storage boxes in my future. I’m thinking my oily stash can go in one and be safety stored in my closet for future use.

Oily Accessories

Check out Aroma Outfitters for other great essential oil accessories too such as their aromatherapy jewelry, essential oil inspired attire, gemstone roller balls and much more.  The holidays will be here before you know it. Check them out for some unique essential oil goodies for yourself and your friends.  Tell them The Oil Dropper sent you.


Thank you AromaOutfitters!!!





Portable Purse Office for Essential Oils {Bag Review}

This is the perfect portable purse office for essential oils. You will love this purse for your oily supplies and oils!  I just received this purse from “Got Oil Supplies“. It is super cute, versatile and stylish.  It is very spacious with a large zipppered compartment down the center and plenty of space on each side. The best part is that it has room to hold SIXTEEN, yes 16, full size Young Living essential oil bottles. You can truly bring what you need with you easily and organized.

There are also a couple large inside side pockets. I plan on putting my iTOVi in one and my portable diffuser in the other.

You can use the carrying handles or use the shoulder strap to your preference. It has an outside zipper pocket for your keys and cell phone too.

Check out the details here

Portable Purse Office

This is a the perfect option for your portable office. You can carry everything you need to have a meeting on the spot. I can even fit my iPad in this awesome bag so I’m ready to help friends get started with their oils.  If you want your own portable office, use this link for 10% off!!








Start Your 2016 Holiday Shopping

Your 2016 Holiday Shopping made easy with  Young Living. This season, let’s make your shopping an fun, easy and appreciated “task”.  Your shopping can be all online and all from one store!!

Take a Sneak Peak at this beautiful catalog put together by some Happy Oilers. Thank you for this beautiful display. This should give you some really great ideas for shopping this season with Young Living.


Holiday Checklist


Save this checklist so you don’t miss anyone this season. You can do “one stop shopping” right here with Young Living. If you aren’t already a wholesale member that is the best way to purchase through Young Living. You can create your account here and there is even a special gift for YOU!!


The Official Young Living Holiday Catalog