Do you have Christmas Spirit?

Christmas Spirit, already? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It is a couple days after Halloween and of course all the stores are filled with Christmas cheer. I heard there is even snow on the ground in some Northern states (sorry!) We did pull out a light sweatshirt this weekend here in the Sunshine State and stocked up on hot chocolate for our cool 50 degree nights!


Tiny Bottle of Cheer

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend  is a Young Living holiday favorite, that I love to use year round. Christmas Spirit is a fragrant spicy but sweet blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils that target emotions of  happiness, joy, and security associated with the holiday season. 

Orange essential oil  is invigorating and stimulating to the mind and body. Citrus oils are known to be highly anti-oxidant. Read more about Orange essential oil here.

Cinnamon Bark essential oil was highly regarded as a spice for those with great wealth. Cinnamon is mentioned in the bible several times including Exodus 30:22-27 when the Lord gave cinnamon and other spices to Moses for a holy anointing blend of oils. Cinnamon Bark is not only a great food and flavor additive it has wellness benefits too. Cinnamon is part of Young Living’s highly recognized Thieves blend and supportive of the immune and respiratory systems.

Spruce essential oil is known to support the respiratory and nervous systems. Doesn’t the fragrance of Spruce remind you of Christmas trees and being home for the holidays? Traditionally, spruce was believed to offer the frequency of prosperity.

A few of my favorite ways to use Christmas Spirit

Just crack open  a bottle of Christmas Spirit for a taste of the holidays any month of the year. My top favorite use of Christmas Spirit is in place of my old store bought Christmas-scented candles and air fresheners via my diffuser. Try adding Christmas Spirit to cotton balls and placing them in your car vents, A/C vents, in your vacuum canister or  in my favorite carpet deodorizer recipe. You can also mix up some Christmas Spirit in a spray bottle diluted with filtered water to use as a holiday room spray instead of the toxic varieties on the market. Why not have a holiday hand soap for your family and guests to enjoy?   Top 5 Ways to Use Christmas Spirit

Get Christmas Spirit for FREE

Young Living is offering a FREE bottle of Christmas Spirit along with a bottle of Ginger with your 190PV purchase! Let me know if you have questions, don’t miss out on building up your oil collection!   November freebies 2014

Do you have anyone on your shopping list that is hard to buy for???




  1. rachaeljdebruin says:

    I used to work in a health store and loved the smell of all the oils. One of my favs was orange actually, but there are so many good ones!
    Visiting from this week’s Inspired By Me Mondays; hope you come back & link up with us again :)

  2. Thank you for linking up at A Group Look Linky! I love EOs! Ren for the team!