Cruise with Essential Oils

Don’t you love going on cruises? I sure do. My husband and I just got back from a romantic quick getaway. I was sure to board this cruise with essential oils.

The first thing I did when my luggage arrived to our room was pull out my  cool mist diffuser and started purifying the air with Purification Essential Oil.

I had a Thieves spray which I sprayed down the bedding, door knobs, and everything in the bathroom! I heard there was a nasty bug going around the ship the cruise right before ours and I didn’t want to take any chances. Cleansing was priority.

Cruise Ship   Required


I also had my diffuser necklace on during the cruise with various oils to support immune health or emotional health depending what I was working on. I also carried around my Thieves waterless hand purifier after shaking so many hands and just touching all the handrails around the ship. Okay, I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe…guess its the nurse practitioner in me!


 Di-Gize Essential OilPrevent the Green

I also was able to share oils with some fellow cruisers who needed some help. The first night at sea it was rather rough waters. I saw a couple people looking green so I offered some  Di-Gize essential oil to help aid with this sea-induced sour stomach! It helped to ease their discomfort. Whether at home, on the road or on the high seas, be sure to bring along your Young Living essential oils.






Let’s Take the Stairs

I’m also doing a pedometer challenge right now and so walking was no problem on a ship that size. We chose the stairs most of the time versus the elevator. After walking and walking my hubs realized his feet were a bit sore. Check out what we used for his “dogs”.


I also applied Deep Relief to my feet  to help keep them ache-free from all the walking and not so comfy, yet cute shoe-ware.



Aiming for the Target

This was a leadership cruise for an organization my husband belongs to. I had an amazing time and was able to learn and really change my focus and my targets for my life and my business.


If you don’t own Envision essential oil, you need to!

Another favorite is Sensation, you can read about Sensation essential oil here. These are just a few of the oils I had with me. I had my entire Everday Oils collection to cover all the bases for anything that may have come up.