Day 10 Premium Starter Kit Oils: DiGize

DiGize on Day 10! DiGize is a brand new addition to the Premium Starter Kit. This is full on gastrointestinal support. I like to call it a one-upper on the peppermint oil.


Premium Starter Kit Digize


How Does DiGize Work?

It works so well because of those God given amazing constituents I keep talking about. This time refresh yourself on menthol (you learned this from peppermint), citrol (lemongrass), and zingiberene (which is a sesquiterpene, another great word to get familiar with, found in ginger!) Don’t forget to read about tarragon, fennel and how the ancient Egyptians used this seed, anise and patchouli too!


Okay, now that you know what to research. Just remember DiGize for GI! A healthy gut is imperative for your overall health. Keeping your gut happy helps keep you well. This is a wonderfully supportive oil for a healthy digestive system. Take it daily to continuously support proper bowel function and digestion. DiGize can be added to a capsule and diluted with a carrier oil such as V-6 or added to your food or beverage. You can use it when traveling (especially out of the country).

DiGize can be used daily for your overall wellness regimen.



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  1. Jessica Tinsley says:

    Hi Cari! I met you yesterday at Raul’s event and I am interested in possibly getting the GI oil.

    • Hi Jessica,
      It was so great to meet you. That is fantastic that you are wanting to get started. I will send you an email! :)