Day 11 Premium Starter Kit Oils: Stress Away

Stress Away is a very popular essential oil blend and versatile too! This is the last oil we will be covering in Oil School. I love this yummy smelling and tasting combination with vanilla and lime.

Premium Starter Kit-Stress-Away


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Stress Away–aaaah! Doesn’t the name just say it all?! This blend with vanilla, lime, copaiba (remember day 5?), ocotea and lavender (day 2) is a lovely blend. This one is very versatile and you can use as a supplement or get the roll-on variety. ย Try adding a drop or two to your water or tea and de-stress while you hydrate. It is a tasty treat for your smoothies and other recipes too. This blend also comes in a convenient roll-on. Apply to your wrists, back of neck or on your diffuser jewelry so you can smell and enjoy the topical benefits of this beautiful oil blend. Relax and renew your mind. Apply for a restful night of sleep to the bottom of your feet or even on your pillow. The options are many with this oil.


This is the 11th reason you should NOT wait to get started with Young Living. The time is now….but stay tuned for a few more days of Oil School.