Day 3 Premium Starter Kit Oils: FRANKINCENSE

Welcome to Day 3 of getting to know your Premium Starter Kit where we will be highlighting uses and benefits of Frankincense essential oil. If you missed day 1 or 2 you can find Lemon here and Lavender here.

PSK Frankincense

The Holy Oil

Frankincense essential oil is best known from its many mentions in history, particularly in the bible. It was given to the Christ child and was used for anointing. It was considered to be worth much more than even gold. Mostly royalty had access to this oil during that time. Frankincense is another very versatile oil.  Want to learn more? I highly encourage you to travel to pubmed and read about frankincense. There have been countless studies observed with the use of this precious oil. (I’m unable to share all I’ve learned due to restrictions, but again go look for yourself).


How to Use This Beautiful Oil

Frankincense has a woodsy aroma. You can inhale directly from the bottle or place a drop or two into your hands and cup your mouth and nose. I prefer using the diffuser and allowing the fragrance and all its wonderful parts to flow through the room. Frankincense is made up of many wonderful constituents (the parts and pieces that make the oil therapeutic). This variety contains boswellic acid. Another way to use this oil is topically. I love using this one along with my favorite DIY moisturizer. It is soothing and complementary to the skin. It is especially wonderful to give the appearance of healthy-looking skin. Also can be used in a massage “concoction” after exertion/exercise for its soothing benefits. It is grounding and wonderful to use with meditation or even yoga.  Allow frankincense to help you re-focus. Also wonderful to alleviate occasional nervous energy.


It’s Worth It!

This one oil alone makes getting started with the premium starter kit, all worth it! There are several varieties of Frankincense that Young Living offers, find out which is your favorite.



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