Day 8 Premium Starter Kit Oils: PanAway

PanAway essential oil blend is one of my top 5 most used oils from the Premium Starter Kit. Have you been keeping up with Oil School? If you missed any part of week one, start here and find out what you missed.

Premium Starter Kit Panaway


What’s So Special About PanAway?

This blend is all you will want once you try it. PanAway essential oil blend is composed of Wintergreen (naturally occurring source of methyl salicylate), Helichrysum, Clove (check this one’s ORAC score) and Peppermint. You probably are familiar with a chemical variety of the first constituent I mentioned, methyl salicylate, but also learn for yourself about gamma-curcumene, menthol (found in peppermint) and clove’s main component (eugenol). This makes up a truly a powerful combination.  You can also add to an epsom salt bath for a spa like experience, enjoy the invigorating aroma that will stimulate your senses.

Best Uses

Hands down, my favorite application for PanAway is incorporating into a massage over my shoulders, neck and back. Pleasing and cooling you will enjoy this combination! It is great daily after routine activities but especially enjoyable before or after exercise.  Oh don’t forget to massage into your feet!

I Want It Now

PanAway is one that is worth its weight in gold from that Premium Starter Kit. You get this beneficial oil that you will certainly enjoy on a daily basis plus 10 more of Young Living’s most popular oils. Along with your oils you choose your diffuser that comes with the set. You will also receive a special bonus gift when you enroll here and FREE membership to Oil Moxie. See you tomorrow as we continue week 2 of Oil School.