Diffusing For A jOILy Mood This Christmas!

Who doesn’ t love to diffuse their way into a jolly Christmas mood? I can not help but smile and feel happy when I walk into a room with some of my favorite Young Living essential oils diffusing.  This time of year there are certain fragrances that just mean Christmas-time to me. My jolly (jOILy) mood is infectious in my home and everyone’s happy when momma’s happy! Yes, Young Living essential oils make me really jOILy!


joily mood

Be careful your cheer may just be contagious

Others around you can’t help but smile and feel joyous when they are surrounded by love and happiness. This time of year is truly a “wonderful time of the year” for us. My husband and I are blessed with 3 little boys. They really bring us so much joy and we thank God everyday for the honor and blessing, He has given us to be their parents. My boys absolutely love essential oils. They ask me for them all the time with their own agendas for use in mind. My middle son in particular has one heckuva “smeller” on him. He notices a new scent within 10 seconds of me turning on a diffuser or opening a bottle of essential oil anywhere in his vicinity. They all especially love what I call my Christmas oils.


J-oil-y Favorites

Christmas Spirit goes without saying as being top on our Christmas list. This warming, yet spicy blend of orange, cinnamon and spruce truly bring joy and happiness to my holiday season. I like to sprinkle a few drops of this blend on a cotton balls and place in my car vents too! Happy  and calm drivers are always a plus.

Evergreen, Pine or Spruce which tree do you prefer?

These 3 are all amazing. Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree? We’ve moved to artificial trees and I do miss that Christmas tree scent that a real tree brings. I learned a little trick to help me overcome my “fake tree”. Place one of these 3 essential oil favorites on a cotton ball throughout my tree. I walk into the room often forgetting our tree is not freshly cut!

Evergreen Essence is an amazing conifer  blend of all your favorite “Christmas tree” varieties including Ponderrosa pine, Scotch pine, Red fir, Western red cedar, Blue spruce, White fir, Black pine, Pinyon pine and Lodgepole pine. This aroma is crisp yet invigorating to the senses. Get this one while you can, it is often only available during the holiday season.

Pine is refreshing and uplifting first studied by the father of Western medicine (Hippocrates). Known for soothing the occasionally stress muscles and joints and sharing the similar properties of Eucalyptus globulus, these two work well synergystically. Pine is a great additive to your natural cleaning product solutions. I like diffusing it or placing drops around my Christmas tree.

Idaho Blue Spruce is another favorite essential oil that I especially love diffusing this time of the year. This oil is relaxing to both the mind and the body. I definitely love a little help relaxing during this hectic season, to keep my mind focused on the real meaning of the season!

This one is on my Christmas Wish List

Believe essential oil blend is a combo of Idaho Balsam Fir, Coriander, Bergomot, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium. Doesn’t it sound amazing? I hope Santa brings this one to me! Believe essential oil may support the mind in helping to move past an emotional event or setback, while helping to reach your true potential. It has benefits of encouragement and enlightening thoughts, allowing for peaceful thoughts and can help with spiritual grounding while promoting relaxation and confidence.

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Which oils will you be Diffusing this Season?




Have you tried Young Living’s DIY Reed Diffuser ?


DIY Reed Diffuser

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