Digest and Cleanse for Optimal Gut Health




Digest & Cleanse was designed for optimizing your gut health. Taking care of the gastrointestinal tract is definitely a key to maintaining wellness.Young Living has many products to support gut (gastrointestinal) health. Young Living has specially formulated this supplement to include oils that work synergystically to enhance and support GI health and healthy digestion. The unique blends are released to targeted areas for optimal absorption.

Many things can act as irritants to the intestines including stress, overeating and eating foods that are not nutritionally balanced (ie. junk food and chemically processed). These things can get in the way of the normal bowel processes and cause issues. Prevention is always key. Supporting the gut with Digest & Cleanse keeps things running smoothly, prevents gas, bloating and naturally stimulates the liver, gall bladder and stomachs normal secretory process thus aiding in proper digestion and absorption.

A Closer Look at Digest and Cleanse

Peppermint essential oil is known to ease and support the digestive system. There are many research studies on peppermint (do a search on pubmed.org for more information). Peppermint supports normal digestion.

Lemon essential oil supports the immune system and is high in limonene.

Ginger essential oil supports digestion. (definitely look up this oil for all its amazing properties).

Fennel essential oil is a GI stimulant that keeps things moving properly.

Anise creates an unfriendly environment for intruders, thereby promoting and supporting normal function of GI system.

How to Use Digest & Cleanse

As with any supplement, consider discussing its use with your health care provider. Digest & Cleanse as part of your *healthy gut regimen* is a supplement can be taken daily (1 or 2 capsules) with food as needed.

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  1. I love oils one of my favorites is patchouli an i could never find them some oils were fake and didn’t smell like they should,plus I need an oil called spreva I think an one more it’s called lemon oil?,I would use them in my apple cider vinegar drink, but like I said those 3 I never found.thanks

    • Well Young Living oils are 100% pure. You won’t find better oils. We do have patchouli and lemon essential oils.