DIY Natural Deodorant with Essential Oils

If you are switching to healthier products deodorant is one such body care product you would be wise to switch. Most store bought deodorants are full of many ingredients you may wish you steer clear of such as aluminum. Many deodorants or anti-perspirants are alcohol based. Some contain triclosan, fragrances and sometimes perfume grade essential oils. Aluminum is an allergy for many and can commonly cause dermatitis, a localized skin reaction. Aluminum can become toxic in people with renal impairment. Younger children are at higher risk for aluminum over exposure.

Aluminum Is Everywhere

Some other sources of aluminum may include baby wipes, skin creams, suntan lotions, buffered aspirin, antacids, toothpastes, some vaccines, baking powder, cake mixes, self rising flour, grains, and processed cheese. Don’t forget about aluminum cans and foil. In the case of antiperspirants this may prevent the body from excreting sweat. Sweating is a natural body process. Not allowing your body to sweat as God designed,  can cause toxic build up that could lead to greater issues.

Here are two natural deodorant alternatives that I recently made at home. There are many great essential oil choices to add to your favorite variety, depending your favorite fragrance or benefit you may like to add to your daily regimen.

Which Do You Prefer Solid Or Spray ?

I have been experimenting with different underarm deodorant recipes over the past couple weeks and different oil combos too. Here are a couple that I like and wanted to share. The essential oil combos are un-ending. I do love Purification in my underarm spray or solid for it’s cleansing and purifying benefits and simplicity of choosing one oil but get creative in your combos. One thing I had to get used to was my body being allowed to sweat without the antiperspirant portion of my old deodorant. Sweating is natural and helps to detox and cleanse your body, so I don’t mind that part. These essential oil combos keep me feeling fresh and smelling like I just showered too!

DIY Underarm Spray

1/2 c. Organic Witch Hazel
1/4 c. Aloe Vera gel
1/4 tsp. baking soda
10 drops Clary Sage
Shake before each use. This recipe will fill two 4 oz. glass spray bottles.

DIY Essential Oil Underarm Spray

Prefer a solid variety?

Try this DIY Essential Oil Underarm Solid

1/4 c. Baking Soda
1/4 c. Arrowroot Powder
7 T. Organic Coconut Oil
Mix these 3 ingredients thoroughly. Add your preferred Young Living essential oil combination for a total of 15-20 drops then mix again well. This recipe fills two deodorant containers. For my recipe I used 5 drops Patchouli, 5 drops Clary Sage, and 5 drops Lavender essential oils. You may want to avoid Clary Sage if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.


DIY Essential Oil Underarm Solid Deodorant

My husband even liked this combo and has been using it. The one thing I had to get used to was that when you apply the coconut oil begins to melt and leaves you feeling pretty wet. It absorbs quickly, so I just apply then go about getting ready before getting completely dressed in the morning.

Easy & Free from Chemicals

I love knowing I am using a product that I can pronounce all of the ingredients. I bought them and mixed them myself, there is no question of what is going onto my skin. Give one of these a try and I’d love to hear what combinations are your favorite.



  1. Usual baking soda has aluminum in it. You should specify (and use) aluminum free baking soda

    • Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Maybe you are thinking of baking POWDER which has the aluminum or aluminum-free variety.

  2. Fiztslona says:

    Great recipe how long does the spray and the solid each last?

    • Every person is so different it is hard to say. Give it a try and see which you prefer.

  3. Clary sage is definitely ok for a pregnant woman to use. In fact it is wonderful for her to use in labor and childbirth. It is very calming, soothing and helps with pain relief. It would be a shame for a pregnant woman to miss out on a beautiful oil such as clary sage due to reading this blog.

    • Melissa, for you to say it is DEFINITELY okay for a pregnant woman is careless in my professional opinion. Clary Sage can help increase contractions, something you WOULD NOT want unless you are ready to deliver.


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