Dragon Time for Emotional Balance

Nobody enjoys the Dragon Time of the month. This is just a fact of life for women. Have you tried Dragon Time to promote a sense of balance in your cycle?


The Menstrual Cycle

Menses could begin around the pre-teen age 11-ish up to around 16 years old on average. The menstrual cycle should come monthly during the span of the menstrual years can last  on average to the age of 50. Woman may experience a plethora of symptoms ranging from mild to severe and sometimes even debilitating. Some “normal” and common, typical symptoms include bloating, cramping, headaches, and moodiness.

Symptoms can begin in the pre-menstrual cycle period before the actual monthly menses begins and may even last during their entire bleeding cycle.

Enter Dragon Time

This blend may help with easing PMS symptoms and menstrual discomforts associated with the normal menstrual cycle. Mood swings and tension even mild cramping may be due to the hormonal shifts that women may experience. Dragon Time can help promote feelings of stability and calmness during cycles of moodiness and even help to restore emotional balance.

A Closer Look

This blend contains 6 essential oils including:
Fennel-digestive supporting
Clary Sage-supportive to female hormones
Marjoram supportive to the musculoskeletal system and nerves. Helps to ease discomforts of periods
Lavender is relaxing and may help with anxiousness, PMS symptoms and head tension associated with menstruation
Blue Yarrow is supportive to the female hormone balance
Jasmine helps to support moodiness including crabbiness, sadness associated with menstrual cycle changes

How to Use Dragon Time

Dragon Time can be diluted 50:50 with your carrier oil of choice and applied topically where desired. Some areas of comfort may include temples, lower abdomen and lower back.
You can also dilute for a full body massage. Dragon Time can also be added to Dragon Time massage oil. Apply over lower abdomen and apply a warm compress. You may also apply over ankle area inside and out which is the ovary vitaflex point. Dragon Time blend can also be diffused.
*Possible sun sensitivity, use precaution with application. As with any new use, consider discussing with your GYN specialist.


Monthly Roll-On Recipe

I love this roll on recipe for that extra support surrounding PMS and the menstruation part of the menstrual cycle. Take a 10-mL glass roller top bottle. Add 2 drops Helichrysum, 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Cypress and 3 drops Peppermint.  Top with Young Living V-6 or fractionated coconut oil. Shake gently before application. Use along with Dragon Time blend for extra punch if desired.