Cleaning Your Diffuser The Easy Way

How about easy cleaning  your diffuser the healthy way? I used to consider “cleaning” the diffuser to be a chore.  Many suggest that you run some vinegar through the diffusing cycle. I don’t know about you, but I don’t love the smell of vinegar. I had a couple diffusers that had not been run in a few days so they had become a bit grimey. If the water and residual essential oil sit it can leave a film on the diffuser and cause it to run less efficiently. Anytime water sits it leaves an opportunity for growth (the kind you do not want).

I pulled out my Thieves cleaner (already diluted) in my spray bottle and sprayed the inside down. I have a bottle scrubber that I use for cleaning my favorite fruit infused water pitcher . This works perfect for cleaning the diffuser. The tip is a soft sponge that I delicately wiped the plate off at the bottom. I then was able to use the rougher scrub bristles to clean out the crevices. It came out sparkling and of course I love the smell of my Thieves household cleaner.


So there you have it …my 51st USE for THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER. Check out 50 ways to use Thieves Cleaner here in a previous post.


What cool uses have you found for Thieves Household cleaner?