Eat, Drink, Summer

Eat, Drink, Summer is here! Let’s have some fun at your next summer bbq with these fun essential oil recipes.These recipes feature the Vitality Essential Oils which are labeled with the white labels so they are easily recognizable for dietary supplement use.

Heat up the grill because you will be hungry after you try these marinades on your favorite meats and summer veggies. I hope you are hungry! Enjoy the Vitality essential oil collection on your favorite savory dishes. I’m thinking about steaks and shish-ka-bob and grilled fresh veggies…mmmmm!

Eat, Drink, Summer Recipes


Are you Thirsty?

Check out these two summer time thirst quenchers. The first is fun for all with a classic strawberry lemonade or limeade twist. For the adults in your life try an essential oil infused margarita. Don’t forget the salt rimmed glasses. Cheers! The best part is you are leaving out the high fructose corn syrups and other garbage that typically make up these fruity drinks. Now you can make your own healthy version.





What’s Your Favorite Oil Infused Food or Beverage?



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