Essential Must-Haves

What essential must-haves, must you have? Now that you have your Premium Starter Kit and you are getting comfortable using it you are likely ready to try some other essential oils and Young Living products! What should you order in your Essential Rewards order every month? That’s easy–you can start with my “Next-Have” favorites. I have many, many more suggestions after that. You can come back here for a review of many of the essential oils and Young Living products I have previously discussed.

Which Oil Should I Use

Young Living Essential Oil Singles & Blends


Aroma Ease Essential Oil

Awaken Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil

Believe Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Brain Power (clear that brain fog)

Cardamom Essential Oil (coming soon)

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

Cool Azul Essential Oil and Sports Gel

Copaiba Essential Oil

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil (and here)

DiGize Essential Oil

Dill Essential Oil

Dorado Azul Essential Oil

Deep Relief Roll On & here

Dragon Time

Dream Catcher Essential Oil

Elemi Essential Oil (sometimes called the “poor man’s frankincense”)

Eucalyptus Blue Essential Oil

En R Gee Essential Oil

Everyday Oils Collection (100+ Ways to Use the Premium Starter Kit oils)

Evergreen Essence Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil(Which variety should you choose?)

Gentle Baby Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Gratitude Essential Oil

Harmony Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Highest Potential Essential Oil

Hinoki Essential Oil

Hope Essential Oil

Humility essential Oil

Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil

ImmuPower Essential Oil

Jade Lemon Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil

Joy Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Manuka Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil

Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil

Ocotea Essential Oil

OOLA Balance Essential Oil

OOLA Grow Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil and here

Oregano Essential Oil

Peace & Calming II plus comparing old/new

Peppermint Essential Oil

Pine Essential Oil

Raven Essential Oil

R.C. Essential Oil

Relieve It Essential Oil

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil

Sensation Essential Oil

Spearmint Essential Oil

Spruce Essential Oil

Stress Away Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Thyme Essential Oil

Valor Essential Oil

Valor II  plus comparing old/new

Vetiver Essential Oil

White Fir Essential Oil


Premium Starter Kit Oils

Copaiba Essential Oil

DiGize Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Panaway Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Purification Essential Oil

RC Essential Oil

Stress Away Essential Oil

Premium Starter Kit School (Days 1-14) Start Here with Day 1

Flex Oils

Carrier Oils/Massage Oil

V-6 ( plus carrier oils)

Massage Oil infused with essentials


Skin Care Overview Series (coming soon)

ART Skin Care System

Which Skin Care Regimen/Skin Typing

ART Secrets (Beauty Masque, Renewal Serum, Creme Masque)

Cleansers (Orange Blossom, Mint Scrub, ART Cleanser)

Moisturizers  (Sheerlume, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream, Rose Ointment, Wolfberry Eye Cream)

Skin Supporting Essential Oils

Young Living Supplements




Cleansing Trio (Essentialzyme, ICP, ComforTone)

Detoxyzme (coming soon)

Digest & Cleanse


Inner Defense (Clove, Oregano, Thyme, Lemongrass, Lemon, E. radiata)


Master Formula

Mineral Essence



NingXia Red 

NingXia Nitro

NingXia Zyng



Slique CitraSlim

Thyromin (Thyroid Support)


Young Living Collections

KidScents Collection (pre-diluted for children) with dilution ratio chart.

Raindrop Technique Collection

Reconnect Collection (contains 4 blends: Reconnect, InTouch, SleepyIze, &  GeneYus)


Chemical Free Bath & Body Care Products + (DIY)

All Natural Chest Rub (respiratory support-lungs,sinuses, throat)

Bath Soak

Deodorant (solid & spray)

Flip Flop Feet

LavaDerm-Cooling Mist DIY

Lotion Bars

Massage Oils

Nail Serum

Orange Blossom Facial Wash


Satin Mint Facial Scrub

Sheerlume (lightening & brightening cream)

Vapor Breathe Disks (support in the shower)


Cleaning Chemical Free

Bottle Swapping with YL

Dishes (dishsoap & dishwasher tablets)

Dishsoap (Thieves)

Cleaning your diffuser

Foaming Handwash (featuring Thieves EO)

Produce Wash (fruit & veggies)

Thieves Hand Purifier

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner-50 uses


Wool Dryer Balls

EO  Support

12 Days Of Christmas

Cleanse (Digestive)

Dental Appointment Oil

Fit & Active Kit

Focus (support for brain fog, clarity and more)

Focus Blend 2


Out of Stock Oils

Post Partum Spray (Episiotomy Comfort)

Razor Burn

Relievers of Occasional Discomforts

Sleepy Time Oils

Under $20 Oils

Vacation Oils-(Cruise)

Vacation Oils- (R.V. Trip)

Water & Essential Oils

Weight Loss (cleanse)

Winter Must-Haves


Essential Oils & Animals

Using Essential Oils On Your Pets

AnimalScents Essential Oil Collection



AnimalScents Ointment

Young Living Food Products

Einkorn “Staff of Life”

Einkorn Granola

Einkorn Pasta

Slique Shake (Berry Breeze)



What will be on your Oily Wish List??

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