Focus Blend for Children

I created this focus blend for my son using Young Living essential oils. We have had terrific results. Do you ever have episodes where you can’t stay on task or focused? Did you know essential oils are especially great for the emotions and the brain?! Yes inhaling an essential oil gets to the brain very quickly. That is quite amazing to me. I have periods where I have my list in front of me but just can’t seem to get things checked off. Children often fall into the daydreamer class and have trouble finishing something they’ve started or even following directions. I have 3 boys and I often find myself repeating instructions to my little busy bodies.

My oldest was having some trouble  in the classroom at the end of last year. He was in kindergarten at the time and I started getting progress notes stating that he was not completing his assignments. The teacher even had separated him from his table to give him a little more alone time, in the hopes that less distraction would prove beneficial. This did not work either.


I started researching essential oils and specifically oils people use to help children with focus and staying on track. The top two essential oils I kept reading about were Brain Power and Vetiver. I blended those together and decided I needed to add a bit more to this mixture and what I came up with worked extremely well for us. My very active son is extremely intelligent, but just had a tough time keeping his attention on his teacher and the school work.  These carefully chosen essential oils and this blend I have found to be very beneficial. I call this my FOCUS OIL BLEND, fitting right?!

I use 5 Young Living oils. I tweaked it to get it to what worked the best for us.

Young Living Focus Oil Blend


What is in my focus blend?

Brain Power essential oil is a blend of 7 essential oils. This blend is high in sesquiterpines , this means the oils get to the brain,  in a nutshell.  Brain Power can help give your brain a boost of thought, clarify, and improve focus.

Vetiver essential oil this is just one oil I do not care for but I love how it works. It is heavy in fragrance to say the least (in my opinion). Remember everyone has their own olfactory preferences. Vetiver is quite similar to Patchouli in fragrance. Vetiver essential oil is know to help with grounding, calming, and stabilizing and is one of the highest oils in sesquiterpenes. We want these oils going to our brain to help with FOCUS! This oil in particular has been studied for behavior improvements in children by Dr. Terry Friedmann. (google him).Vetiver may also be beneficial for helping when dealing with recovery from emotional trauma.

Cedarwood essential oil although already included in Brain Power, I added just a bit more to help override the Vetiver aroma. Cedarwood has a warm balsamic and woody fragrance that is relaxing and very soothing. When you are more relaxed the distractions don’t seem to bother you quite as much.

Lavender essential oil another oil known for its relaxing and specifically calming properties. The calming piece was an important piece to this mixture. The aroma helped again cover up the Vetiver fragrance which I don’t prefer.

Sacred Frankincense essential oil is a precious variety of frankincense, that is a Young Living exclusive. This species of frankincense (Boswellia sacra)has been studied for its health benefits specifically with supporting cellular health. Also contains sesquiterpenes and is beneficial to the brain. This oil has been known to uplift and stimulate.


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My Focus Blend Recipe

I purchased some roller top bottles from Amazon, these worked quite well and I liked the fun variety of colors. You can also recycle an old essential oil 15 ml bottle to make your own version of the focus blend. I used roughly 20 drops of each oil (Brain Power, Vetiver, Sacred Frankincense, Lavender, and Cedarwood) & added about 15 drops of V-6 carrier oil. You can then add an Aroma-glide fitments from Young Living. 

Young Living Focus Oil Recipe

Focus Blend Application

You may have to try your own combination and see what works best. I applied my focus blend to the back of my son’s neck and to the bottoms of his feet before school and before bed. I also diffused Peace & Calming in his room at bedtime. We saw definite improvements with his attention span and getting class work completed with this blend. I used it regularly for a few weeks and now we use it as needed.


Do you or your kids have lack of focus?

I’d love to hear how this works for you or what you have used alternatively!





**Please note my son does not have a diagnosis of any kind. He is your average, active 6 year old boy. As with any treatment you consider, please discuss with your healthcare provider.



  1. brittany says:

    if u put it in the roller top bottle how much do u apply to the back of there neck and and the big toe

    • Just roll it across upper neck area once or twice, check to see how much came out to gauge. Once on toe.

  2. Can I use a plastic roller ball?

    • My preference are the metal roller balls, but I have used the plastic ones. I just find that the roller balls fall out after a short while with the plastic variety. As long as what you are rolling is diluted I haven’t had a problem with the plastic.

  3. I just purchased my first bottle – can you pls guide me how to use it and also if I need to add carrier oil as well?

  4. Do you have any suggestions for substitutions if I do not have brain power & sacred frankincense?

  5. martha jones says:

    when purchasing this blend that works for your I need all 5 correct and then mix them in the roller bottle?


    • Hi Martha,
      You can create whatever blend you desire for your child. This is just an example of what I have used. Are you already an oiler?

  6. How often do you apply the oils on your boys?

  7. I have one 5ml roller bottle. Would I use 10 drops of each oil and finish with a Cartier oil to make the blend?

  8. Thank you for sharing! I am new to oils but plan to try this with my son. About how long does one roller bottle with this recipe last?