Frankincense Fit For A King


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Frankincense You Will Adore

Frankincense was given to baby Jesus by the Wise Men along with Gold and Myrrh. I absolutely love this essential oil. The balsamic, sweet aroma is soothing to me. An excellent choice for times of personal reflection and meditation.

Add this one to your favorite skin care products or make your own with less chemicals. Frankincense is supportive to the ever changing skin. It is infused in Young Living’s skincare products. This beautiful essential oil is a great one to diffuse any time but I especially love how it puts me into a fantastic frame of mind. It really is one of my “happy oils”.

Frankincense is wonderful applied topically to ease occasional nervous energy. Also fantastic for supporting the immune system. Frankincense is one YOU MUST go research, start by going to or google scholar and just search for frankincense essential oil studies.

Part of the Premium Starter Kit your loved one will adore this oil this Christmas and throughout the year!