Free Stuff

Do you love getting free products? I wanted to share several ways you can get more of what you really want, Young Living products. Why not get them for FREE?

Free Oily Goodies from The Oil Dropper

Starter Kit

Get started with with your own premium starter kit and I will send you an essential oil carrying case. This is a much needed accessory because you don’t want to be without your oily treasures, ever! There are some other fantastic goodies included when you enroll with me too! Also included is support from ME!


Essential Rewards

When you purchase regularly you should consider joining Young Living’s Essential Rewards program. You will receive product credit with every order. How cool is that? Guaranteed FREE stuff! When you enroll in essential rewards with me, and remain on the program for 3 months in a row with a minimum of 100 pv, I will send you a personal diffuser. These are fantastic. I keep mine handy everywhere I go (hint: school, planes, grocery store, car). Enroll now.

*Note enrollment for essential rewards must begin in the same month you get started with Young Living for this special bonus.

MiAIR personal diffuser


Monthly Promotions

Young Living offers fantastic promotion each and every month. This is another easy way to earn free stuff! You will see the promotions listed each month on my blog (click here so you don’t miss out) or check your virtual office for details. When you are on essential rewards you qualify for even more FREE stuff!

Complete the “Getting Started on my Oily Journey” Checklist

When you enroll with me and get started, you will want to be educated on how to best use your oils. This checklist is a short and fun way for you to jump right into using your oils with confidence. I will gift you with a $10 PRODUCT credit when you do. Read more here.


You are Going to LOVE these…so Share them!

Loving these oils goes with the territory. You want to be sure and let your friends in on your new wellness plan. DO NOT keep your oils a secret! You can earn essential oils and other fun oily products just by hosting an oily get together. 


What Are You Waiting For??


  1. Get your own premium starter kit right here from me.
  2. Join Essential Rewards
  3. Complete your “Getting Started on my Oily Journey” Checklist
  4. Love it! Share ! Host a Class today!