Free Diffuser

This just keeps getting better right! During your enrollment and purchasing your very own Premium Starter Kit go ahead and sign up for Essential Rewards. You can read more about essential rewards but in a nutshell it is a way to earn FREE product EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Yes! That’s right…free Young Living with each monthly reward purchase. The amount of your reward credit goes up over time too. This is a fantastic program that allows you to also qualify for Young Living’s monthly promotions, earn reduced shipping and of course your wholesale discount.

A Free Personal Diffuser

When you get started with Essential Rewards in month 1 and remain in the program for a minimum of 3 months at 100 pv monthly I will send you this awesome travel diffuser.



This little diffuser is so awesome, I carry it with me everywhere. I am always ready for a burst of fresh and healthful air when I breathe in my essential oils. I have used this on airplanes and of course just waiting in the airport, at appointments, the gym, church, classes, my car and restaurants. It plugs right into any USB. Great for your car too.

(If you missed out during your purchase, you can still get in on this freebie if you get started the same month, just enroll in essential rewards and be sure your order goes out this month!).





**If this model is not available, a similar one will be shipped. You must be enrolled with me and on essential rewards from your first month through a minimum of your 3rd month with at least 100pv ordered per month. Your personal diffuser will ship after your 3rd Essential Reward order has shipped.