Hidden Toxins On Your Produce

There are many toxins on your produce if you are buying them at traditional grocery markets. I am sure you have heard of the dirty dozen and which foods you really need to purchase organic. This list contains  the foods with the highest pesticide loads. There is another list called the clean 15 which are the safest to purchase (non-organic). You can find updated lists from the EWG (Environmental Working Group). They have great information. If you can’t purchase everything organic due to availability or financial restrictions try to choose smart. The U.S. as a whole uses many pesticides and herbicides in growing crops. These are toxins that we breathe in and leech on to the food that we are buying. One key is washing thoroughly the foods you are purchasing even the organic products.


This list contains the foods with the highest pesticide loads.


A Better Alternative

Young Living has a chemical free produce spray or wash that is amazing. It naturally removes some of those exterior chemicals left behind. Removing the residue is obviously safer. The convenience of the spray for on-the-go cleansing or the wash/soak are both terrific options.


DIY Your Own Produce Wash

You can even make your own produce wash using your favorite Young Living essential oils. See my recipe here on my produce wash.   No time for DIY? No worries get your Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray or Fruit & Veggie Soak here.

Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 Reference


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Toxin Free Home Series

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