How Do You Take Your Orange Essential Oil?


Ways to Use Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil comes from the rinds of oranges and is cold-pressed. The aroma is refreshing and citrus-y which can bring about an uplifting and inspiring sense of mood. Orange essential oil, like other citrus oils should be used topically with caution when going into the sun as it can cause photosensitivity.

Orange is amazing all alone or terrific in combinations with your other favorites oils. Try diffusing orange essential oil in the kitchen or play area. Orange is a terrific one to diffuse during the long winter months to give a burst of sunshine and remind us of warmer days. I enjoy adding orange to my wool dryer balls to freshen laundry and also to my DIY dishwashing tablets for a clean refreshing scent.


Ways to Use Orange Vitality Essential Oil

Orange Vitality essential oil shares the same clean, refreshing aroma. Orange contains limonene naturally which is known to support immune health and wellness. Orange essential oil is also a terrific oil to add to your favorite marinades, dressings, smoothies and to add to your favorite chocolate dessert.


Which Orange Should I Choose?

What is the difference between orange essential oil and orange vitality? Well the vitality is labeled for supplement use, while you can enjoy using the original orange topically and diffusing. Rest assured that both varieties are treated with the same Seed to Seal purity guarantee and are the same oil.