KidScents for Back to School

KidScents for back to school are products that are fantastic year-round. This product line is specially formulated for the gentler needs of children. It does not contain any toxic ingredients, coloring, additives or synthetic perfumes. The product line is also infused with Young Living pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

KidScents Bath & Body Line

The KidScents product line includes shampoo (no tear formula) and bath gel. The KidScents toothpaste is my favorite. Did you know that most children’s toothpaste is extremely toxic and they aren’t supposed to swallow it?! Yes it’s true read the labels and learn more here.



KidScents Essential Oils

Young Living has designed a whole essential oil line for children. They are pre-diluted and ready to use on your children to meet their needs. They include very mild blends that support children well. You can learn about the KidScent Oils are detailed in a previous post here. A quick overview: GeneYus for maintaining focus, Owie for skin support, SleepyIze for promoting great sleep, SniffleEase for supporting respiratory health and TummyGize for taking care of tiny bellies.




Natural DIY Detangler

I do not have little girls but I would imagine this little recipe could be a life-saver at shower time with long gnarly hair. Let me know how it works. You will need an 8 oz. spray bottle some of your favorite Young Living oils, try Tea Tree and Lavender. This recipe also calls for the Lavender Mint Young Living shampoo.



I hope you are enjoying our back-to-school survival series. If you missed any you can go back and catch up.