Next-Have Favs

Did you order your premium starter kit and absolutely fall in love with that amazing set of 11 oils? And how about that diffuser, do you have yours running all the time? By now you’ve probably learned many of the amazing health benefits and ways you can use your essential oils in place of a toxic alternative. So now that you are hooked on your Everyday Oil set you are probably wondering which oils you may want to add to your “Next-Have” list right? This is my top oils choices that I think you might want to consider ordering next!   Next-Have Favs!

Here are my top must-haves

Here are some suggestions for your second order and I’m going to show you how can can save even more off your wholesale membership and even get free oil. Yes I did say FREE!! First let me remind you of the benefits of Essential Rewards. This is our monthly benefit program where you can earn an additional percentage back off your purchases toward free purchases. Yes, but that’s only the beginning. Every month Young Living offers amazing promotions where you can get more free stuff with your qualifying purchase. I usually post the monthly promos early in the month so just scroll to my start of the month post to find out what the specials are. Okay now on to some of my favorites.

If it sounds like it belongs in the kitchen, try it!

That’s right your favorite kitchen spices are available in a very potent essential oil form! Oregano commonly used for supporting liver health and function and supporting the immune system. Rosemary has been used by centuries and is mentioned in ancient manuscripts. As an essential oil it is beneficial in supporting the immune system, enhancing concentration and supporting liver and lung health. It has also been used for supporting weight loss and hair loss associated with the aging process. Cinnamon Bark is listed in the European Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica (AD 78)-which has served as a reference for over 1,700 years. Cinnamon has been used for immune system support, heart muscle support and relief of minor digestives issues. The “kitchen oils” may protect the body and contribute to better health. They are also fabulous and potent in your favorite recipes.

Moving to the bedroom!

Cedarwood is one of my favorites to diffuse before retiring to help promote restful sleep. It is recognized for its calming abilities. *Feel free to learn more about a very interesting use of Cedarwood for children by searching for the work of Dr. Terry Friedman, M.D. And who,doesn’t like a little Ylang Ylang? Did you know that Ylang Ylang flower is a popular flower to cover the newlywed bed on the wedding night? It really does have a beautiful fragrance and often found in hair products. Ylang Ylang essential oil has a fragrant influence that can improve mild mood changes and increase smiles. I find myself smiling when I wear it in my essential oil diffuser necklace.

Favorite Winter Oils

My favorite lung, sinus and immune supporting oils are RC, Raven, and Eucalyptus radiata. These oils may also help encourage proper nasal function. I also prefer Myrtle as it is a milder oil for use with my youngest son. No matter the season I like to keep some of these supporting oils on hand!

Tummy Times

The last oil of my must-haves list is DiGize because of digestive aid serving properties. This essential oils is beneficial for those occasional bouts of an upset stomach, relief for occasional heartburn, and for prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting. I do not leave home and especially if I’m traveling without this very essential oil in my must-have stash.

What are some of your must-haves??

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