Northern Lights Black Spruce

Northern Lights Black Spruce comes from one of the new Young Living farms in British Columbia, Canada. This warm and woodsy aromatic is absolutely divine. The fragrance is very grounding for me and brings me to a place of peace. Young Living tells us that our founder D. Gary Young has “long been invested in acquiring and developing a farm dedicated to growing black spruce and other  oil producing trees.” This is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what other exquisite oils are produced from this beautiful farm.

Northern Lights Black Spruce The Oil Dropper

How to Use this Oil

I enjoy this one in the diffuser at night before I retire. It brings peace to my mind and I absolutely love the aroma and so does my husband. It turns the environment into one of calm. I also like to diffuse Black Spruce during my work day for grounding and keeping me on track. You can also apply this oil topically if you choose. I enjoy rubbing it along the base of my skull and into my neck as well. I am able to smell the refreshing scent and it is quite enchanting.

Are You A Collector?

You can purchase this collector’s edition of the first distillation of Northern Lights Black Spruce from Young Living. If you’ve ever read anything about the Northern Lights you will learn of the magic the lights emit. These lights shine down on this amazing farm and legend possibly may meet reality with this lovely oil.

The Northern Lights Black Spruce 1st Distillation edition is available in limited quantities while supplies last and includes Black Spruce essential oil and essential water from the very first distillation, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and a commemorative booklet recounting D. Gary Young’s first experience with black spruce. Plus, when you purchase the Northern Lights Black Spruce 1st Distillation edition you will receive an additional 5-ml bottle of the Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil for FREE!