Over 30 Gifts for Everyone On Your List

The final shopping days are upon us. If you are looking for some fun oily gift combos here is an idea list.  These are simple and won’t break the bank. One great idea is to purchase your premium starter kit (you need one for yourself) then purchase a second and split it into multiple gifts. Here are some fun oily gifts that won’t break the bank.

30-gift-combo-ideasOils from the Premium Starter Kit

1PanAway and a handheld massager
2. PanAway with spa gift certificate and bottle of OrthoEase Massage Oil
3Lavender Oil and a baby toy
4. Lavender Oil and Oven Mitts
5. Lavender Oil and bath sponge and bath salts
6. Lavender Oil and an eye mask
7. Copaiba and teething necklace
8. Copaiba and hot/cold pack (owie pack)
9. Thieves Vitality and a cute mug
10. Thieves Vitality and a cute jar of local honey with a wooden honey spoon
11. Peppermint Vitality and a cute mug with package of hot cocoa
12. Peppermint Vitality and a package of brownie mix with a cute ceramic baking dish
13. Peppermint and a Christmas ornament
14Stress Away and a good book
15. Stress Away and a journal
16. Stress Away and a package of Epsom salt
17. Stress Away and stress ball
18. Stress Away and an adult coloring book
19. Frankincense and nativity set
20. Frankincense and a devotional book
21. Digize with a gift card to their favorite Mexican restaurant
22. Purification and dryer balls
23. Purification and pet toys
24. Lemon Vitality and glass water bottle
25. RC with mini hand weights and work out video

Oily Gifts Outside the Premium Starter Kit

26. Lime Vitality with Guacamole bowl and recipe
27. Lime Vitality and Margarita glass and Margarita salt
28. Citrus Fresh and water bottle
29. Basil Vitality and Einkorn spaghetti with cute serving utensils
30. Thieves Laundry Soap with dryer balls
31. Thieves Dish Soap with dish towels
32. Lavender lotion and nail kit
33. Owie oil and fun band-aids
34. Gentle Baby and a baby blanket
35. AnimalScents Oils and a pet bed

I could go on and on. These gifts will be appreciated by literally everyone on your list! Happy Shopping!!