PanAway Essential Oil

PanAway is a Young Living favorite and part of the Premium Starter Kit. This soothing blend contains Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint.

Tips for Using PanAway Essential Oil

This blend is recommended to be used topically. These oils can actually be considered “hot”, so if you are feeling some heat, add some more carrier oil. Applying a warm compress over these oils is quite soothing and actually
drives these oils in faster. Consider that oils and water repel each other, so that explains this concept.

Favorite Ways to Use PanAway

A story about my husband:

This was one of my husband’s first essential oil experiences, that made him a true believer in essential oils. He had not been to the gym in awhile and experienced some typical soreness after a good work-out. He enjoyed a nice PanAway massage. I added a few drops of PanAway essential oil to a scoop of  carrier oil, I chose organic coconut oil. You can mix the two in your hand and apply for a delightful, cooling massage.

PanAway The Oil Dropper

Other Ways to Use PanAway

PanAway is relaxing when applied to the shoulders and neck prior to stepping into a warm, steamy shower.

Foot massage…YES!! Everyone loves these, right?! Try your next foot massage with PanAway.

Add PanAway to one of those rice packs that you heat up in the microwave and apply on location for soothing effects.

Apply PanAway over abdomen with a warm, moist towel for soothing and cooling refreshment.

See why you need PanAway?!

If you don’t have your own Premium Starter Kit, then you probably haven’t tried this oil blend. You will love and use this one frequently!