Peace & Calming and Valor II

Every year two of our beloved favorites Peace & Calming and Valor seem to go out of stock due to the harvest season and their extreme popularity. While we are sad to see them go, there are always great alternatives that let us try new Young Living blends.

I’m very excited to share this recent announcement that Young Living will be releasing very shortly Peace & Calming II and Valor II. These are alternate formulations for the originals. The availability of these formulations to source will allow these to have increased availability to our members.

How Close Are These to Our Favorites?

This is a sneak peak but the new blends were handpicked by Mr. Gary Young and will contain similar chemical constituent property profiles. This is great news because that means these blends will work very similarly to their original predecessors. I’m so excited for the release of these. Stay tuned and check your virtual office for their arrivals sometime later this month.

Valor II and Peace & Calming II

How Can You Get Peace & Calming and Valor II?

If you are ready to get started, you can still jump on board with a very special offer (while supplies last). See on “Young Living Bonus & More” HERE.








  1. I’m so happy to find your site and this complete list of YL oils! Thank you for a nice write up of each oil so we know what each one is for. I know YL is being careful with what they claim, but I was having trouble knowing what each one was for based on their info.

    • Thanks Amy! We are not allowed to discuss an oil in reference to a medical diagnosis. This is tough for me since I am a nurse practitioner but…we talk about how they support different body systems. Get yourself a good EO reference guide.