Road Trip Essential Oils

Road trip essential oils may come in handy this time of year if you are heading out on the open road. If you are traveling by car, minivan or RV anywhere this summer where you will be driving for an extended amount of time you will want to bring along some essential oils.
Stress Away and Orange are a great combo to add to your car diffuser. You will have calming effects and help with supporting good attitudes. If you don’t have a diffuser you can even apply a few drops of your favorite oils to a few cottonballs and stick them in your a/c vents.



I have several diffusers that I like for the car for everyday road trips. The car diffusers plug into your cigarette lighter with a USB adapter. I like this small USB stick diffuser and this car diffuser.

Other Favorite Car Combos

Peace & Calming
Sage + Lavender
Oola Grow

The combos are endless. What are you in the mood for?

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