Storing Your Essential Oils

Storing your essential oils, there are many fun ways to get your oils organized. Once you are with Young Living for even a short while you will figure out your need for oil organization. You need a system so you can find your essential oils at home in an easy storage system. You must also be able to transport your essential oils with you EVERYWHERE you go! These are as fun to change out as a new purse.


I’m giving away an essential oil carrying case when you ENROLL with me but I wanted to share some of my other storage solutions with you. You will need more than one!

I have several essential oil carrying cases and organization containers. I keep essential oils all over my house including my bedroom, the kids bathroom and the kitchen. Guess which oil I have in each of those areas plus in my travel case??

Check out Some of My Favorites

I created a whole page of my favorites with pictures so just click here!


Handy Ways to Store & Transport Your Oils


Want A Free EO Carrying Case?

I’d love to gift you with an essential oil carrying case to hold your marvelous oils. You will want to keep them with you at all times. You can jump on board the oily train here.