Young Living August 2017 Promos



Back to School with Young Living August 2017 Promos

This set is exactly what you and your kiddos need to be school ready! Remember you get the most bang for your buck with Essential Rewards with exclusive ER bonus oils!


100 PV Purchase

With your 100 PV ER purchase you will receive a 5-mL Lemon Vitality oil. Why is lemon great for back to school you might ask? It is super refreshing and can be used  in a yummy and healthy after school snack such as lemon infused fruit dip or a citrus smoothie.


190 PV Purchase

With your 190 PV purchase you will receive a 15 mL Citrus Fresh essential oil. Light and refreshing with orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, mandarin and spearmint. This oil can be used in the morning to wake up and set moods right before heading out the door. You will also receive the ER exclusive with your ER order of 190PV including Lemon Vitality PLUS Envision essential oil. Envision is perfect for goal setting and big dreams. This blend contains black spruce, orange and lavender to stimulate creativity! Learn more about Envision oil here.


250 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS 15mL Clarity blend with a combination of Basil, Rosemary, Lemon and Peppermint this blend will help them stay on track with focus and alertness. You can diffuse while they are studying or send them to school with a diffuser bracelet to help them stay focused, especially on test days.


300 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS a SET of KidScent oils. They are specially formulated with the kiddos in mind, pre-diluted and ready to apply. This set includes GeneYus, TummyGize, SleepyIze, Owie, and SniffleEase. This set will have you prepared to take on anything school brings your way. Learn more about these oils here. Add a few drops to a roller top bottle and be ready to “roll”.


Watch Here

Want to WATCH the details? Check this short video out!


More Back-To School Must Haves

You can learn more about what Young Living products we use to be school ready around my home with the KidScents Back To School Collection.





Back to School Teacher Gifts

Back To School Teacher Gifts






Last but not least in our back-to-school survival series, let’s remember our teachers with some benficial teacher gifts.  Starting off the school year right and giving them some amazing Young Living products will be well loved.

Here are some product ideas to send in to help support the well being of the classroom. Kids drag in germs and pass them around. The Thieves products are perfect for support wellness all around and purifying naturally.


Thieves Household Cleaner is great for wiping off surfaces in the classroom, desks, sink and drinking fountain areas. The Thieves Hand Spray or Thieves Hand Purifier is great for little hands as they come back from lunch, recess, physical education or really any time they enter the room. The Thieves handsoap is a gentle foaming cleanser for the classroom sink and bathroom area. All of these products have the power of Thieves essential oil blend.









KidScents for Back to School

KidScents for back to school are products that are fantastic year-round. This product line is specially formulated for the gentler needs of children. It does not contain any toxic ingredients, coloring, additives or synthetic perfumes. The product line is also infused with Young Living pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

KidScents Bath & Body Line

The KidScents product line includes shampoo (no tear formula) and bath gel. The KidScents toothpaste is my favorite. Did you know that most children’s toothpaste is extremely toxic and they aren’t supposed to swallow it?! Yes it’s true read the labels and learn more here.



KidScents Essential Oils

Young Living has designed a whole essential oil line for children. They are pre-diluted and ready to use on your children to meet their needs. They include very mild blends that support children well. You can learn about the KidScent Oils are detailed in a previous post here. A quick overview: GeneYus for maintaining focus, Owie for skin support, SleepyIze for promoting great sleep, SniffleEase for supporting respiratory health and TummyGize for taking care of tiny bellies.




Natural DIY Detangler

I do not have little girls but I would imagine this little recipe could be a life-saver at shower time with long gnarly hair. Let me know how it works. You will need an 8 oz. spray bottle some of your favorite Young Living oils, try Tea Tree and Lavender. This recipe also calls for the Lavender Mint Young Living shampoo.



I hope you are enjoying our back-to-school survival series. If you missed any you can go back and catch up.