Young Living August 2017 Promos



Back to School with Young Living August 2017 Promos

This set is exactly what you and your kiddos need to be school ready! Remember you get the most bang for your buck with Essential Rewards with exclusive ER bonus oils!


100 PV Purchase

With your 100 PV ER purchase you will receive a 5-mL Lemon Vitality oil. Why is lemon great for back to school you might ask? It is super refreshing and can be used  in a yummy and healthy after school snack such as lemon infused fruit dip or a citrus smoothie.


190 PV Purchase

With your 190 PV purchase you will receive a 15 mL Citrus Fresh essential oil. Light and refreshing with orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, mandarin and spearmint. This oil can be used in the morning to wake up and set moods right before heading out the door. You will also receive the ER exclusive with your ER order of 190PV including Lemon Vitality PLUS Envision essential oil. Envision is perfect for goal setting and big dreams. This blend contains black spruce, orange and lavender to stimulate creativity! Learn more about Envision oil here.


250 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS 15mL Clarity blend with a combination of Basil, Rosemary, Lemon and Peppermint this blend will help them stay on track with focus and alertness. You can diffuse while they are studying or send them to school with a diffuser bracelet to help them stay focused, especially on test days.


300 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS a SET of KidScent oils. They are specially formulated with the kiddos in mind, pre-diluted and ready to apply. This set includes GeneYus, TummyGize, SleepyIze, Owie, and SniffleEase. This set will have you prepared to take on anything school brings your way. Learn more about these oils here. Add a few drops to a roller top bottle and be ready to “roll”.


Watch Here

Want to WATCH the details? Check this short video out!


More Back-To School Must Haves

You can learn more about what Young Living products we use to be school ready around my home with the KidScents Back To School Collection.





What Are Flex Oils?

The Flex Oils are substitution oils for the premium starter kit should one of the original oils be out-of-stock. These are popular Young Living oils that are excellent replacements so that you won’t need to wait for an out of stock oil should something run out. These oils are grown from the Earth so oils occasionally go out of stock or out of season. I love Young Living’s foresight in this issue to ensure you get your oils as quick as possible.

Flex Oils


Possible Flex Oils

Here are the possible flex oil options and they are great ones.

Orange essential oil from the citrus family is refreshing and delightful, especially added to your favorite smoothie recipe.

Lemongrass essential oil fresh, citrus herb aroma supportive to normal digestion.

Citrus Fresh essential oil will extend you refreshment with added spearmint. Contains d-limonene.

Aroma Ease essential oil a powerful and calming blend to help restore relaxation.

Tea Tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia) supportive to the skin and multi-purpose oil.

If you don’t get one of these with your Premium Starter Kit, be sure and add them to your Essential Reward order. These are must-have’s soon in your oily cabinet.

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Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils

DIY Wool Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

What is the big deal about DIY Wool Dryer Balls? Why would you possibly need a ball of yarn in your laundry? These are the new craze in chemical free living. I started taking a look at all the chemicals that are in traditional dryer sheets and realized, I could not keep adding this toxicity to my laundry. After all our clothes come in direct contact with our largest organ, our skin. Some of the chemicals in store bought brands are very toxic to your body and build up over time, known to even affect your body systems. See this article presented by Natural News.

I switched to an organic laundry soap a few years ago and this was another step in removing toxins and supporting my family’s health. Stay tuned for my DIY laundry soap, coming up on my list.

Chemical free wool dryer balls

Save Money

Other than the obvious reason of removing toxins, the cost savings is so worth it. This is such a simple project and well worth your time. The wool dryer balls decrease your drying time by probably 20%. Less electricity or in my case propane to run the dryer. Plus the savings of the cost of a name brand dryer sheet over 12 months is approximately $100.  Cost of wool dryer balls=$9.99 (will last approximately 3-5 years).


How to Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

How to make wool dryer balls

Purchase a skein of 100% pure wool yarn. My skein  was around $10 from Amazon. I chose the Paton’s Classic Wool (see it here).  I was able to make 3 balls from this single skein. Just start wrapping the end of yard around a couple of fingers and then wrap one way and then the other to form the round shape. Wrap your balls nice and tight and then tuck the end inside the ball so it will not come loose. I wrapped mine around and then tucked. Next it is time to “felt” your yard. You will want them to be “felted” meaning the yard will not un-ravel. You will place your yard balls into a leg of hosiery and tie knots on either side of the yard. Throw your leg of hosiery with the yard balls into the wash with a load of clothes you are washing on a hot cycle. Toss them in dryer and repeat the wash dry cycle one more time. Remove from hosiery and you are ready to use.

The Best Part

Don’t forget to add 5-7 drops of your favorite essential oil to the wool dryer balls to freshen your clean laundry. I chose Citrus Fresh because I love the summery, fresh and clean aroma it gives my clothes. You can re-add essential oils about every 5-7 loads.

The wool dryer balls soften your clothes naturally. They should last you a few years. My skein only made 3 balls, so I may go back and add a couple more balls to the process.

What Essential Oils Will You Try?