Young Living January 2018 Promos

Happy New Year, welcome to 2018 with some terrific Young Living 2018 promos. It is that time of the year everyone likes to look ahead and plan for their future. New goals and fresh intentions.


Young Living has selected some great freebies.



100 PV ER Promo

We all know (hopefully you know by now)…your absolute best value is to purchase your Young Living products through essential rewards. You get product credit with every single order and a chance for extra FREE products with each order, PLUS reduced shipping AND FREE stuff for your loyalty to the program. Why not get started on ER today if you haven’t already. Okay…check this out!

With your qualifying 100 PV ER order you will get a FREE spearmint Vitality oil. I love this oil added to my water, still with a minty (but softer flavor than peppermint). It is super for calming tummies and supporting digestion. You can also use it to enhance the flavor of foods. Get creative!

190 PV Promo

With your qualifying purchase of 190 PV on ER you will receive the 5-ml Spearmint Vitality plus 5 ml Deep Relief. The Deep Relief alone is ALWAYS on my ER order, excited for this freebie. Deep Relief is probably the most used oily blend in my home. It feels sooo good on fatigued muscles. Try it!!

You will also get SuperCal Plus dietary supplement. SuperCal Plus is not just your average Calcium supplement. It also contains a synergistic blend of bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that supports your  bone health.

250 PV Promo

You will receive all of the above with your qualifying order, PLUS PanAway. PanAway is what got my husband hooked on oils. One massage with PanAway and he was an oiler for life. PanAway comes in the Premium Starter Kit and will be one you love for years to come.

300 PV Promo

The whole she-bang! Get everything above PLUS a 15-mL Copaiba. Copaiba is a favorite of mine to use in combination with other oils for its magnifying effect. It has so many wonderful properties, definitely research all the benefits for this oil.

This is a great way to get your health goals started off on the right foot with Young Living. Here’s to your great success and blessing in 2018!!


One more special BONUS announcement!






Coping With Copaiba

Coping with the long winter is more enjoyable with Copaiba. Copaiba is pronounced (Cope eye ee ba). This is a wonderful immune supporting oil. I like to take this as a supplement on a daily basis, especially during this time of the year and during the busying of the holiday season. You can add to your morning beverage or take a few drops in a capsule.


Coping with Copaiba

Coping with Copaiba

Copaiba “plays” well with other essential oils which is while you will find it other blends such as Stress Away and Deep Relief. 

Copaiba is now part of the Young Living premium starter kit.  Give this amazing gift of health to give your family this Christmas.


The Reveal of the NEW Premium Starter Kit

Introducing Young Living’s newly branded Premium Starter Kit with some very special changes. This is still the way any new oiler would best get started with supporting their entire body and mind with essential oils.

New Premium Starter Kit 2015

It’s Your Choice

There are now different premium starter kits to choose from. Let’s first look at what is the same in each of the Essential Oil Premium Starter Kits. You will get the re-designed Everyday Oil Collection which includes 10 (5ml) essential oils specially selected for supporting every body system.

Everyday Oils Collection

Old Favorites Still Included:

You will get 7 of the 5ml size of the old favorites: Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, PanAway, Thieves, & Purification

New Favorites Now Included:

You will get 3 of the 5 ml size of the new favorites: Copaiba, DiGize, &  R.C.

Extras Included with Your Premium Starter Kit

Stress Away (5ml) essential oil
Roller Ball Cap
Samples to share including sample bottles and oil packets, sampler cards (to make sharing simple), and NingXia Red (2 pack).

What’s Different

Flex Options

In order for Young Living to meet the demand but not waiver on quality and customer commitment Young Living may send you one of the following oils of similar value in the kit if one of the basics is not available for any reason:

Orange, Lemongrass, Citrus Fresh, Aroma Ease, or Tea Tree Essential Oil (5 ml). You won’t have to wait on your oils.

Diffuser Choices

You can now select which home diffuser you prefer.  You will receive everything mentioned above PLUS one of the following diffusers, you choose whichever you prefer.

Home Diffuser ($160), Dewdrop Diffuser ($160), Bamboo Diffuser ($170), or  Aria Diffuser ($260).



When you enroll with me, I have some special resources to get you started swiftly on your oily journey!


1. Personal Support from Me
Bonuses when you ENROLL with me. It is my honor to help you begin this journey.  I will help guide you and lead you to some amazing resources as you begin and learn how to best utilize essential oils in maintaining your health and that of your family’s.

2. Exclusive Private Memberships
You will be invited to a private facebook groups and also you will receive a FREE membership to our online resource called Club Oil Moxie.

Some features of your Oil Moxie Membership includes:

*An online essential oil 101 class to help you begin your oily journey with information on safety tips, carrier oils and basic uses for your new essential oils.
*Basic questions answered on ordering, essential rewards, sharing essential oils and much more.

3. Extras When You Enroll With Me

You will also receive a FREE GIFT PLUS resource access when you enroll with me.  You can also sign up to receive my essential oil blog posts on oil uses, benefits and essential oil infused recipes.(add your email address just below) and be sure and follow me on social media (facebook, instagram and more). Last, but certainly not least you will receive my personal support on your oily journey.

I’m so happy you are joining me and I can’t wait until you receive YOUR essential oil Premium Starter Kit!


Here’s to Staying Healthy One Drop At A Time!