Winter Essential Oil Recipes

Here are some fun Winter Essential Oil Recipes for your home! As we welcome winter and Christmas these are sure to delight! I absolutely love this time of the year with all the festivities and cheer. If you need to add some jingle to your sleigh then try some of these fun recipes. You can use them interchangeably, but I have a grouping of diffuser blends and roll-ons for on the go cheer.


Wintry Diffuser Blends

My first cool mist diffuser came in my starter kit and I now have one in every room of the house. I love them all and use them just about every single day. This is a fun way to create a holiday spirit in your home without toxic candles, air fresheners and plug ins.




Holiday Cheer Roll Ons

It is nice to bring a roll on for holiday wishes along the way. These also make fantastic gifts. You can use an empty essential oil bottle and add a roller fitment or grab some festive roller balls. I prefer the metal roller balls to the plastic ones which tend to fall out. Use your carrier oil of choice, I like Young Living’s V-6 blend or sometimes I use grapeseed oil.




Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil blend for everyone’s stocking!!