Essential Oils with Dogs



Learn About Oils for Your Dog

Our dogs are some of our best friends. We use essential oils on our whole family, why not use them on man’s best friend too? Don’t skimp on your dog, they need the best too and with Young Living they will get the very best.


Learn here in just 12 minutes some of the ways to use oils on your dog and some fun recipes too!




Recipes for Your Dog

Download the recipes for your pup here and be sure to order your own premium starter kit for you and your pal. Let me know when you have ordered so I can send you some more information and add your to our private website.


Cat Lover??

Maybe you have a cat??? Learn more here.





Essential Oils for Your Dogs

Do you use essential oils for your dog? Animals can reap the benefits of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils just like we do. Animals are more sensitive so you do have to take some precautionary measures. Larger dogs will tolerate larger quantities of essential oil when deemed appropriate.

Young Living Essential oils and dogs

Applying Oils to Your Pup

Petting your dog is just about the easiest way to apply oils there is to your canine. Their fur acts as a wick and sucks the oils into their blood stream for absorption where it can go to work supporting their body systems. Dilution is recommended on smaller dogs. Dogs can also benefit from essential oils diffusion. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and this technique works well. It is advisable to leave the doors open to the room you are diffusing in to allow the pet to roam freely. Try adding essential oils to a leather dog collar for doggie aromatherapy benefits.


Why Use Oils on Your Dog?

Dogs sometimes need support for their body systems just like humans. Dogs sometimes eat something outside that doesn’t agree with them or they can get nervous with their surroundings just like their “people parents”.  The oils you use on yourself you can use on your dog. If your dog has a sour stomach try a drop of peppermint. If your dog is not happy about a pending car ride try some lavender. Are they pacing the floor because a thunderstorm is coming, try Peace & Calming. The list goes on and on.

Dilution for Smaller Dogs

You can never go wrong diluting when in doubt. Here is a handy chart you can print out and use as a guide with your pets.

Dilute Essential Oils with Smaller Dogs—>(See Pet Dilution Chart)

What are your Favorite Essential Oils for Dogs?

Young Living has an entire product line dedicated to your furry friends called Animal Scents Care Collection, these are pre-blended with common animal needs in mind. I do not have a dog but I will use my parent’s dog as an example. Their dog Chloe gets a little anxious when traveling especially to my house which is about an hour away. They have had success with helping her stay calm with Peace & Calming, Lavender and Stress Away. It is also helpful during a storm. Isn’t she cute, she was a pup here.
Chloe Moyen Poodle

Check an essential oil reference guide or animal special oil reference guide.