SARA Essential Oil

SARA™ is a blend of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Blue Tansy, and other oils that is designed as a soothing scent to be used during difficult or emotional times. It can help to facilitate and release emotions surrounded by traumatic experiences including physical and emotional instances.


Let’s Take A Closer Look at SARA

This specially formulated blend contains 8 wonderful essential oil singles in a base of sweet almond oil. which is a rich source of Vitamin E. Almond oil can be considered a nutrient for the brain and nervous system.

Ylang Ylang improves the ability to relax. It is also balancing to female-male energies. It can support restoration of confidence. (read more on Ylang Ylang here)

Geranium may help release negative memories and improve and elevate the mind to a more positive emotional state. (read more on Geranium here)

Lavender is both relaxing and grounding. It can support relaxation and allow the mind to unwind. (read more on Lavender here)

Orange oil may help to bring about joy and peace. It is uplifting to the mind allowing for tranquility. (read more on Orange here)

Blue Tansy supportive to the emotions when applied over the liver and kidneys both organs are said to store emotions.  May help release negative emotion and help to overcome anger and fear.

Cedarwood helps to stimulate the limbic system of the brain where our emotions are stored, center of memories. It may help to improve thoughts as it can affect the pineal gland which is responsible for releasing melatonin. This may help improve thoughts and emotions. This oil is high in sesquiterpenes. (read more on Cedarwood here)

White Lotus help to stop self sabotaging thoughts. May help release negative trauma and assist with release of those emotions.

Rose having the highest frequency of all essential oils can help to create balance and harmony. It can help to bring joy and elevate the mind.


How To Use SARA

Diffuse for emotional support or apply topically to emotional centers such as navel, abdomen, temples, nose and VitaFlex points on feet. Take caution when applying topically to avoid sun exposure, some oils have photosensitive response.





Inspiration Essential Oil

inspiration-essential-oilInspiration essential oil blend is an amazing compilation of 11 Young Living essential oils. This blend was specially formulated to support a calm atmosphere and quiet our racing minds. This can allow us to enter our creative centers where our higher intuition operates. These oils were traditionally used by the Native Americans to enhance spirituality, prayer and inner awareness.


Let’s Take A Closer Look

Cedarwood high in sesquiterpenes (look that big word up for all the amazing benefits). This oil stimulates the limbic system our emotional and memory center.

Spruce to assist in opening emotional blocks to foster a sense of balance and grounding.

Myrtle essential oil for its inspiring aroma that is both energizing and elevating.

Coriander uses for centuries in many home health supporting remedies.

Sandalwood also high in sesquiterpenes, uses commonly in yoga, meditation and relaxation practices.

Frankincense loved for its grouding work on the mind and elevation. It allows the brain to releax and overcome stress and sadness.

Bergamot is uplifting and produces equanimity of the mind.

Spikenard uses on Jesus Christ when Mary anointed his feet, this oil stimulates the limbic system to release memories. May help with relaxation and nervous tendencies.

Vetiver for grounding and focus may help with concentration and thus with stress.

Ylang Ylang promotes relaxation and balancing of female and male energies.

Geranium for its relaxing and calming properties.

I highly encourage you to look at each of these oils individually to discover all their amazing constituents and properties.


How to Use Inspiration

*Inhale directly from your hands


*Add 4-6 drops to Epsom Salt bath

*Apply 1-2 drops over your temples, back of the neck, wrists, crown of head, bottoms of feet or along spine.

*Add to dryer balls to infuse your clothing with these fragrant oils.

*Use with emotional release techniques.  Here is one of my favorite Emotional Release books.





10 Uses for Young Living’s Angelica Essential Oil

You may not have heard of Young Living’s Angelica Essential Oil (Angelica archangelica). Following are a variety of ways this essential oil can be used including its benefit for emotional support and release, calming and for digestive support.


10 uses for angelica essential oil

Young Living describes this fine oil as having:

 “soothing qualities that help relax nerves and muscles. In Germany, angelica was historically referred to as the “oil of angels,” in part because of its ability to calm anxiety, restore happy memories, and bring peaceful sleep. Traditional medicine practitioners used angelica as a stimulant, digestive tonic, and expectorant.”

Historical Use of Angelica Essential Oil

The European’s believed this oil to be so powerful and strong that it must be of divine origin (aren’t all essential oils of divine origin, made by the great Creator!) The seeds were burned in ancient times to purify. The stems were chewed historically in  the 1660’s during the time of ‘The Plague’.

Uses Today of Angelica Essential Oil

The aromatic influence of this essential oil is nice to support emotions and help restore good memories. Angelica can assist with releasing anger and pent up negative feelings. May also help support the lungs, sinuses, throat and occasional digestive issues. It is also useful to those occasional but typical PMS issues. This oil is also a great relaxant for occasional anxiousness. Angelica can be used to ease muscle tension and occasional spasm. It is also a good oil for focus to help you remember. It also supports the hematologic (blood) system.

Application of Angelica

When using Angelica essential oil you should avoid applying to skin areas that come in contact with the sun or UV rays as it may cause photo-sensitivity for up to 24 hours. It can applied topically preferably under clothing. This is also a wonderful essential oil to diffuse.

Angelica is found in several Young Living blends including: Awaken, Forgiveness, Grounding, Harmony, Live with Passion, Oola Balance, and Surrender.

There are some very interesting research studies that have been done using Angelica. Do a pubmed search and see what you can find.