Young Living April 2017 Promos


Welcome Spring and Welcome April 2017 promos!



100 PV

When you purchase through essential rewards you will receive a 5-mL bottle of Tangerine Vitality with your qualifying purchase. Tangerine Vitality can be added to your favorite beverage for a refreshing zip to plain ole’ water.

190 PV

This month when you purchase 190 PV you will receive the Tangerine Vitality PLUS 15-mL Tea Tree oil which is fantastic for spring cleaning and very versatile too. You can diffuse it or make a linen spray out of it. Great for refreshing laundry too! You will also love using Tea Tree topically for supporting healthy skin and toenails. You will also receive Oola Grow which is a powerhouse blend of oils, learn more here.


250 PV

With your 250 PV qualifying ER purchase you will receive all of the above, PLUS Thieves Household Cleaner and a glass spray bottle. This is your one stop cleaning product that replaces all other cleaners in your household. Talk about a quick way to kick chemicals to the curb…this is what you need to start that process. Here are 50 ways to use this cleaner!


300 PV

With your qualifying 300 PV essential rewards purchase that will include everything I already mentioned, PLUS  Dragon Time essential oil blend. This is a calming and relaxing blend. I especially think it is beneficial for the ladies, especially during “that time of the month”.


Why Order Through Essential Rewards?

More FREE Stuff!!!! As always the best way to earn all these promotions is through the Essential Rewards program! Free oils and products, product credit with each purchase, reduced shipping and loyalty bonus gifts earned at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months! Details here.



Young Living March 2017 Promos

We are marching into spring with some fabulous March 2017 promos from Young Living.



As always when you purchase through your essential rewards account you will earn even more freebies and get product credit too which means MORE FREE STUFF!!!


Here’s The Line-Up!

With your 100 PV purchase you will receive a 5-mL Lime Vitality which is a wonderful addition to your food and beverages to add some zing. You can make simple marinades and dressings too. This one is also a great addition to your NingXia Red daily! Just the smell alone is invigorating.

With your 190 PV purchase you will receive a FREE  Blue Cypress and a Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, ALONG with the ER exclusive 5-mL Lime Vitality.

Blue Cypress has an distinguished woodsy aroma that you will enjoy. Diffuse or apply to enjoy.

Thieves Fruit & Veggie spray to remove any dirt or possibly chemicals (hopefully not if you are buying organic) but to safely clean your product and fruits, infused with the benefits of Thieves oil blend too.

With your 250 PV purchase you will receive all of the above, PLUS a 15mL Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils, maybe you’ve heard this before. It truly is an oil I use around my house just about everyday. With 3 boys, I carry this one with a roller ball ready to use at all times. It is excellent for skin support. I also take Lavender Vitality regularly in a capsule for support. Diffusing Lavender before bed mixed with Cedarwood is one of my favorite relaxation combos.


The Whole Kit-N-Kaboodle

With your 300 PV purchase you will receive all the goodies above AND the beloved Frankincense essential oil in the 15mL size. Frankincense is one of my favorite oils to help with focus. I use it often on my kids before school and even diffuse during homework time. Also wonderful for meditation and prayer time. Frankincense is also an essential oil I add quite frequently as a skin complement to my ART moisturizer.


Enjoy your March freebies!!



Young Living February 2017 Promos

The February 2017 Young Living promos are for YOU busy people out there who don’t always take care of yourselves.  February is a great time to start taking care of YOU! If you are a busy momma or busy daddy….stop and fuss over yourself for a minute.


Check these specials out!


100 PV

With your 100 PV ER exclusive promo earn a  5-mL FREE Lemongrass. Lemongrass is a favorite to soothe skin. I enjoy adding this with some lavender to my relaxation bath. Then apply some lemongrass to your favorite moisturizer for a sweet aroma.

190 PV

With your 190 PV order you will receive a FREE 15-mL Wintergreen. Wintergreen is a key component to Young Living’s Deep Relief and PanAway blends. This cooling and minty sensation is the perfect addition to your massage. You will also get a FREE 15-mL Eucalyptus radiata. This is a favorite to diffuse or apply over the chest this time of year for its powerful benefits.

You will also receive a FREE 5-ML Lemongrass with your ER purchase of this qualifying 190 pv order.

250 PV

With your 250 qualifying order you will receive the above mentioned oils PLUS a 5-ml Palo Santo oil. Palo Santo is perfect for relaxation and meditation time. Infuse this when you are doing yoga for an inspirational aroma.  With this 250 ER order you will get the bonus FREEBIES PLUS 20 ER Reward points. That is like an extra $20 in your YL Piggy Bank.

300 PV

Here are the reasons you might as well go for the big prize and get your 300 PV qualifying purchase in this month! You will get all of the above PLUS a 5-mL PanAway which is perfect for easing muscles after exercise or a terrific addition to that pampering massage session. Many people purchase their entire starter kit for this one oil!  You will also get 40 ER product points instead of 20. Yep! That is $40 straight to your YL piggy bank. Don’t forget you will also get between 10-25% in addition to this for your regular ER purchase.


Why I love ER!!

This month when I purchase 300 pv I will get all that free stuff that is worth $187.69 plus I will get along with that $40 credit another $75 in product credit because I receive 25% on my ER purchases. This is a NO BRAINER, oilers!! If you are ready to get all this FREE stuff start here with a premium starter kit. Create a Essential Reward order and make sure your total pv (product volume is equal to 300 pv so you don’t miss out).