Who Needs Some Clarity?

Dive into Clarity

Clarity is a blend of 12 amazing oils that support mental alertness and vitality. Who doesn’t need a little focus now and then? I love diffusing this blend in my office when I’m tackling my list for the day. I also will apply to the back of my neck or wrists on my way out the day before an important meeting.

I have used this one with my children as well. I will add some to their diffuser bracelet or put in the diffuser in the morning before school or during homework time.


Let’s Take a Closer Look

Basil essential oil supports tired minds.

Cardamom essential oil is uplifting, refreshing, and invigorating to the mind.

Rosemary essential oil is stimulating to memory and opens the conscious mind. A study out of the University of Miami showed rosemary helped with alertness, eased anxiousness and amplified analytic and mental ability.

Peppermint essential oil is invigorating and uplifting. There was a study from Dr. December out of the University of Cincinnati which found that inhaling peppermint oil can increase mental accuracy by 28%.

Coriander essential oil is supportive to the immune system.

Geranium essential oil is both uplifting and relaxing.

Bergamot essential oil is both calming and uplifting, it can help support stressful times and relieve anxiousness.

Lemon essential oil is both stimulating and invigorating.

Ylang Ylang essential oil promotes relaxation, balances male and female energies and restores confidence and equilibrium.

Jasmine essential oil is stimulating to the mind and can help with concentration.

Roman Chamomile essential oil can help with clearing of negative energy and anger emotions.

Palmarosa essential oil is stimulating to the nervous system and cardiovascular system.


As you can see Clarity has a wide range of support from some amazing oils all combined into this beautiful meld.


Grab yourself some Clarity!






Best Essential Oils For Focus

One of my most popular posts has been my previous post on focus oils found here. I have re-vamped this a little and we are loving the results. I use this on my now 8 year old son and it helps him stay on course with his work at school and his homework at home too! He is my dreamer and I love helping him naturally with these oils. I also use it from time to time when I get in a rut and can’t stay my course and get things done.



Daytime Focus

My main recipe includes Sacred Frankincense 20 drops, I think this is a key oil and when you research Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense) on your own from our farm in Oman you will see why I love it. Many people ask if they can substitute regular Frankincense, I say, sure go ahead and try and see if you like the results.

Next is Brain Power 20 drops. This is a powerful blend especially designed for the brain. It contains Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood, Cedarwood, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense), Melissa, Blue cypress, Lavender, and Helichrysum essential oils. There is the regular frankincense (another reason I use Sacred in my blend).

Next Cedarwood 20 drops, I know there is Cedarwood in the Brain Power…feel free to leave it out, but I like the additional Cedarwood. Go research this simply amazing oil.

Vetiver 15 drops, another one for you to explore. Vetiver is a potent oil aromatically which is why I use a few less drops.

Lavender 20 drops, I add this because I don’t love how Vetiver smells. It helps to cut that fragrance and it is just the perfect combination of relaxation needed.

Mix It Up

So add all of these wonderful oils to a 15 ml bottle with a roller top (you can use an old 15ml bottle). Top with the carrier oil of your choice, I prefer V-6. I have also made this in a 10 ml bottle and it wored  just fine, you have less dilutent, so you can make that decision for which you may consider decreasing the amount of drops in a smaller bottle.

For our family we apply morning and afternoon (when we remember). I sometimes alternate this recipe with GeneYus, this specially designed blend has children in mind and is pre-diluted. You can just add a roller fitment to the bottle and roll on.

Good Night Oils

Winding down for the evening and getting a good night of sleep is important. Being well rested and not fatigued can help one stay on task and better focused. I like to diffuse essential oils before bed to help promote relaxation and clearing of the mind. A few of my favorites are Dream Catcher, Peace & Calming (original) or II and Stress Away. I have some other sleepy time favorites here too.


What Are Your Favorite Focus Oils?





School Day Strong

Staying school day strong means a couple different things to me. There are some key things you can do to help your children succeed at health and wellness. One of those things is give them the right nutrients, foods, enough rest and support their little temples with the very best. I arm my littles with a couple pretty important products from Young Living. Twice daily they get a drop of Thieves essential oil blend applied to the bottoms of their feet (before school and before bed). They also take 1 oz. of NingXia Red each morning. This winning combo supports their young immune systems. They are going to come in contact with all sorts of foreign “bugs”. If they have a strong immune system they are ready for battle all the time. This is our key to staying away from the doctor’s office too. Learn more about NingXia Red here and Thieves here.  You may also opt to try a drop of Thieves Vitality mixed with your NingXia Red or added to breakfast.might-and-strong-for-school



After School

Homework time can be a little challenging after a long day. Here are a couple of homework friends you can try to improve this experience for everyone. When focus and staying on task is needed try Peppermint, Clarity or Brain Power in the diffuser. A shot of NingXia Red might also be in order. Check out my focus blend roll on recipe here.




I hope you find these school time tips helpful. Stay tuned for more tips including bedtime routines, taking care of the funk, some fun recipes too.