Young Living August 2017 Promos



Back to School with Young Living August 2017 Promos

This set is exactly what you and your kiddos need to be school ready! Remember you get the most bang for your buck with Essential Rewards with exclusive ER bonus oils!


100 PV Purchase

With your 100 PV ER purchase you will receive a 5-mL Lemon Vitality oil. Why is lemon great for back to school you might ask? It is super refreshing and can be used  in a yummy and healthy after school snack such as lemon infused fruit dip or a citrus smoothie.


190 PV Purchase

With your 190 PV purchase you will receive a 15 mL Citrus Fresh essential oil. Light and refreshing with orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, mandarin and spearmint. This oil can be used in the morning to wake up and set moods right before heading out the door. You will also receive the ER exclusive with your ER order of 190PV including Lemon Vitality PLUS Envision essential oil. Envision is perfect for goal setting and big dreams. This blend contains black spruce, orange and lavender to stimulate creativity! Learn more about Envision oil here.


250 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS 15mL Clarity blend with a combination of Basil, Rosemary, Lemon and Peppermint this blend will help them stay on track with focus and alertness. You can diffuse while they are studying or send them to school with a diffuser bracelet to help them stay focused, especially on test days.


300 PV Purchase

You will receive all of the above, PLUS a SET of KidScent oils. They are specially formulated with the kiddos in mind, pre-diluted and ready to apply. This set includes GeneYus, TummyGize, SleepyIze, Owie, and SniffleEase. This set will have you prepared to take on anything school brings your way. Learn more about these oils here. Add a few drops to a roller top bottle and be ready to “roll”.


Watch Here

Want to WATCH the details? Check this short video out!


More Back-To School Must Haves

You can learn more about what Young Living products we use to be school ready around my home with the KidScents Back To School Collection.





Best Essential Oils For Focus

One of my most popular posts has been my previous post on focus oils found here. I have re-vamped this a little and we are loving the results. I use this on my now 8 year old son and it helps him stay on course with his work at school and his homework at home too! He is my dreamer and I love helping him naturally with these oils. I also use it from time to time when I get in a rut and can’t stay my course and get things done.



Daytime Focus

My main recipe includes Sacred Frankincense 20 drops, I think this is a key oil and when you research Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense) on your own from our farm in Oman you will see why I love it. Many people ask if they can substitute regular Frankincense, I say, sure go ahead and try and see if you like the results.

Next is Brain Power 20 drops. This is a powerful blend especially designed for the brain. It contains Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood, Cedarwood, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense), Melissa, Blue cypress, Lavender, and Helichrysum essential oils. There is the regular frankincense (another reason I use Sacred in my blend).

Next Cedarwood 20 drops, I know there is Cedarwood in the Brain Power…feel free to leave it out, but I like the additional Cedarwood. Go research this simply amazing oil.

Vetiver 15 drops, another one for you to explore. Vetiver is a potent oil aromatically which is why I use a few less drops.

Lavender 20 drops, I add this because I don’t love how Vetiver smells. It helps to cut that fragrance and it is just the perfect combination of relaxation needed.

Mix It Up

So add all of these wonderful oils to a 15 ml bottle with a roller top (you can use an old 15ml bottle). Top with the carrier oil of your choice, I prefer V-6. I have also made this in a 10 ml bottle and it wored  just fine, you have less dilutent, so you can make that decision for which you may consider decreasing the amount of drops in a smaller bottle.

For our family we apply morning and afternoon (when we remember). I sometimes alternate this recipe with GeneYus, this specially designed blend has children in mind and is pre-diluted. You can just add a roller fitment to the bottle and roll on.

Good Night Oils

Winding down for the evening and getting a good night of sleep is important. Being well rested and not fatigued can help one stay on task and better focused. I like to diffuse essential oils before bed to help promote relaxation and clearing of the mind. A few of my favorites are Dream Catcher, Peace & Calming (original) or II and Stress Away. I have some other sleepy time favorites here too.


What Are Your Favorite Focus Oils?





April 2016 Promos: Welcome Spring



Welcome to Spring and Young Living’s April 2016 promos are going to excite you.


When you purchase 190 PV you will receive a 15-ml Orange essential oil, 5-ml PanAway, and when you order through Essential Rewards you will also get a 15-ml Stress Away.



When you purchase 250 PV you will receive all of the above, PLUS a 30 day supply of Digest & Cleanse.



When you purchase 300 PV you will receive all of the above, PLUS a very special “Just For Kids Collection.” This specially formulated set of oils includes the Owie, GeneYus, and TummyGize blends for your littles.


A Little Peek at the FREEBIES

Orange essential oil is fruity and refreshing. Try diffusing in the morning to brighten your day. You can learn more about the orange essential oil varieties here.

PanAway essential oil blend is an amazing combination to support your musculoskeletal system. This is part of the premium starter kit and you can learn more about this oil here on Day 8 of getting to know your premium starter kit series.

Stress Away essential oil blend is a favorite. I use this often to help un-wind after a strenuous day or to help the kiddos de-compressed before bedtime. Roll it on or diffuse. It smells amaaaazinggg BTW!

Digest & Cleanse is one of our prized supplements. This one is key to maintaining wellness. When you gut is happy your body responds much better. Check out my supplement series and more on Digest & Cleanse here.

Just for Kids Collection includes some favorites from the Young Living KidScent essential oil line. These oils are specially formulated and pre-diluted, ready to apply to your little ones. GeneYus to help during test taking times, Owie is skin soothing and TummyGize to support their tiny tummyies.

These Are Great Freebies!

To take full advantage of all the FREEBIES you will want to order through Essential Rewards.  There is a BONUS gift this month too when you enroll on essential rewards you will get a special t-shirt and stainless steel mug, perfect for adding Vitality essential oils to. **(extra gifts are for members of my team only).