Young Living December 2017 Promos

The holidays are in full swing and the December 2017 promos are going to make you cheerful. Make sure you purchase via the Essential Reward program to get the most FREEBIES.


100 PV Promotion

With your 100 PV promotion, you will get a 5 mL Nutmeg Vitality. This vitality oil is perfect for your favorite holiday baking favorites. (*ER exclusive).

190 PV Promotion

This level of goodness, brings you a bonus ER exclusive oil of Lemon 15 mL plus the 5 mL Nutmeg AND one my abslolute favorites a  5 mL Northern Lights Black Spruce. NLBS is amazing for focus and keeping you grounded. Lemon is an everyday favorite and will bring a bit of sunshine to your gray days this time of year. It is uplifting and invigorating.

250 PV Promotion

The 250 promo includes Life 9 probiotic and all of the above items. Life 9 was reformulated to now include 9 strains, our highest potency formula to support gut health and healthy digestion.

300 PV Promotion

This promotion level is worth its weight in gold and valued at over $219 in FREEBIES. It includes the prized Sacred Frankincense. This beautiful oil will take your spiritual and emotional experience to the next level. You will also receive all of the above freebies.

Grab your oils and holiday gifts early, before December 15th to ensure shipping in time for Christmas!


Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season. 



Essential Oils for Fishing

Do you love summertime boating and fishing? You might want to consider tossing these 3 essential oils into your tackle box this summer to have on hand just in case!


Essential Oils for Fishing

What do essential oils and fishing have to do with each other? Well here are 3 essential oil tips you will want to remember. Fishing and essential oils seems like a silly topic but let’s find out just how handy your essential oils will be on a fishing expedition.

When the boat is rocking and the waves are crashing try some Peppermint essential oil on your wrists or inhale deeply from bottle.

You can also apply some DiGize to your belly. See if you can get your sea legs back under you.

Don’t forget to bring along your Lemon essential oil to rub on your hands after cleaning your fresh catches. The lemon essential oil will help to remove the fishy smell from your hands, naturally.





Restore Harmony Roller Blend

Hectic end of the week? Try this restore harmony blend. This combination feature 4 essential oils and you are going to love this.


Here’s A Closer Look

Patchouli essential oil for restoring peace and calming.

Orange essential oil is uplifting and emotionally balancing.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil is sweet, warm and relaxing (even known to evoke romantic feelings).

Lemon essential oil is uplifting and invigorating.

Put them together and you have a relaxing and calm atmosphere with moods balancing out and the restoration of harmony. Aaaah! Try this blend after a long day at work, around the kids when they are fighting or really any time you need some de-stressing.


How to Blend These Oils

Make your own roller ball blend. Add 4 drops Patchouli, 4 drops Orange, 4 drops Sandalwood, and 1 drop Lemon to a 10-ml roller bottle and top with your favorite carrier oil such as Young Living’s V-6. Take caution applying this blend, due to the citrus oils, on the skin where the sun will come in contact. Citrus oils can cause photosensitivity. Apply a good 12-18 hours before going into the sun or apply it under clothing. I like to apply this to my wrists, back of neck or bottom of feet. These are my favorite roller ball bottles and they have a stainless steel ball from amazon. (ad).

This blend is also terrific for your favorite diffuser. I have 3 of the 4 that come in the premium starter kit.