Young Living December 2017 Promos

The holidays are in full swing and the December 2017 promos are going to make you cheerful. Make sure you purchase via the Essential Reward program to get the most FREEBIES.


100 PV Promotion

With your 100 PV promotion, you will get a 5 mL Nutmeg Vitality. This vitality oil is perfect for your favorite holiday baking favorites. (*ER exclusive).

190 PV Promotion

This level of goodness, brings you a bonus ER exclusive oil of Lemon 15 mL plus the 5 mL Nutmeg AND one my abslolute favorites a  5 mL Northern Lights Black Spruce. NLBS is amazing for focus and keeping you grounded. Lemon is an everyday favorite and will bring a bit of sunshine to your gray days this time of year. It is uplifting and invigorating.

250 PV Promotion

The 250 promo includes Life 9 probiotic and all of the above items. Life 9 was reformulated to now include 9 strains, our highest potency formula to support gut health and healthy digestion.

300 PV Promotion

This promotion level is worth its weight in gold and valued at over $219 in FREEBIES. It includes the prized Sacred Frankincense. This beautiful oil will take your spiritual and emotional experience to the next level. You will also receive all of the above freebies.

Grab your oils and holiday gifts early, before December 15th to ensure shipping in time for Christmas!


Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season. 



Autumn Diffuser Blends

Can you believe Autumn is here? Well some say “fall is in the air” but they don’t live in Florida. A girl can dream right!? I decided to start diffusing some fall blends to help me feel a bit cooler. I love autumn with all the fun festivals, holiday spirits beginning to arise and the relief of cooler weather around the horizon.

Autumn Diffuser Combos

Here are some fun diffuser blend favorites you should try out to get you in the mood for fall.  You can always just diffuse Thieves which to me smells like fall. If you want to spice things up a bit you will see using some of the following oils will help set your mood for falling for leaves.


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You can make your home smell fall-tastic!

Try out your own combinations using these popular fall oils:

Cinnamon Bark





Christmas Spirit


Prefer to Wear?

If you prefer to bring fall along with you, just can make up your own roller ball blend. Just double the drops and add to a 10 ml roller top bottle, You will then want to top off with your favorite carrier oil such as organic coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6.





November 2015 Young Living Monthly Promo

Young Living November Promo 2015

November Freebies Rock

November promo time is here and this one will knock your socks off friends! Be sure and purchase through Young Living’s essential reward program so you don’t miss any part of this promo.
When you purchase 300 PV this month you are going to be thrilled with all the freebies. The value of the 300pv reward level is $257.56, WHAT?!? That is amazing.

300 PV Promo

Nutmeg essential oil (5ml)  has a sweet, spicy aroma. Nutmeg is known to be soothing and is such a great addition to your favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Get this in your kitchen

Orange essential oil (15ml) you will recognize this citrus-y refreshment when you open the bottle. Orange essential oil adds the perfect zest to your marinades, beverages and dressings. It also has limonene with is very beneficial to your health.

Frankincense essential oil (15ml) with includes the ever powerful constituent (boswellia–look this up on pubmed). Frankincense is grounding and beautiful.

But wait…you will also receive Sacred Frankincense (5ml). Sacred Frankincense is rare and exclusive to Young Living, highly sought after. (Read about boswellia sacra on pubmed).
Ortho Sport Massage Oil (8oz) is also included for your after the gym soothing massage. Ortho Sport is a cooling blend is designed for amateurs and professionals alike. Enjoy this one!
Christmas Spirit Essential Oil, is included if you order through essential rewards. This is truly Christmas in a bottle with a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon and spruce essential oils.

250 PV Promo

If you don’t quite hit the 300 pv mark and stop at 250PV, you will still enjoy receiving over $100 worth of Young Living freebies. The 250 bonus includes Nutmeg (5ml), Orange (15ml) and Ortho Sport Massage Oil (8 oz.) plus Christmas Spirit (15ml) if purchased through Essential Rewards.

190 PV Promo

The 190PV purchase this month with award you with nearly $60 in freebies including Nutmeg, Orange and via ER Christmas Spirit. If you have not joined the Young Living party you can
enroll with me for some extra bonuses and even more bonuses, be sure to begin Essential Rewards so you can get those November freebies!