DIY Peppermint Breath Spray



DIY peppermint breath spray is an easy homemade item you should definitely add to your list.  These are so easy to make and a great replacement for gum and breath mints. Do you know how many chemicals are in just those two tiny items? YUCK! You can feel good about your fresh breath and its good for you too.

Just to clarify, you can use regular peppermint oil because technically you are spraying it “topically” in your mouth. The vitality peppermint can be used as well since you are spraying it in your mouth if you think you will be swallowing it. Remember Vitality oils are for internal use and regular oils are for topical and aromatic. They are the exact same oils inside.


What You Will Need


This DIY Peppermint breath spray recipe is so simple and quick you will have fresh breath in no time. Grab your  Thieves mouthwash, Young Living Peppermint essential oil, and water. That is ALL!!

I like to use a fine mist 4 mL spray glass spray bottle. Add 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon Thieves Mouthwash to your spray bottle. I use these little funnels to make the transfer easy. Next fill your bottle with filtered water and 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil. Give it a little shake before use and spray away. You can play with the ingredients to get the potency you want. Easy Peasy.  MINTY FRESH BREATH!!




School Day Strong

Staying school day strong means a couple different things to me. There are some key things you can do to help your children succeed at health and wellness. One of those things is give them the right nutrients, foods, enough rest and support their little temples with the very best. I arm my littles with a couple pretty important products from Young Living. Twice daily they get a drop of Thieves essential oil blend applied to the bottoms of their feet (before school and before bed). They also take 1 oz. of NingXia Red each morning. This winning combo supports their young immune systems. They are going to come in contact with all sorts of foreign “bugs”. If they have a strong immune system they are ready for battle all the time. This is our key to staying away from the doctor’s office too. Learn more about NingXia Red here and Thieves here.  You may also opt to try a drop of Thieves Vitality mixed with your NingXia Red or added to breakfast.might-and-strong-for-school



After School

Homework time can be a little challenging after a long day. Here are a couple of homework friends you can try to improve this experience for everyone. When focus and staying on task is needed try Peppermint, Clarity or Brain Power in the diffuser. A shot of NingXia Red might also be in order. Check out my focus blend roll on recipe here.




I hope you find these school time tips helpful. Stay tuned for more tips including bedtime routines, taking care of the funk, some fun recipes too.



Refresh His Mind {Day 2}



Day 2: Refresh His Mind

The Fathers in our lives work hard. Typically Dad’s work hard for their families, sometimes putting in very long work weeks. Help keep his mind sharp and fresh with this combination of oils.

A Closer Look

Peppermint essential oil invigorating and helps one stay on task with focus. More on peppermint here.


Rosemary essential oil supports mental clarity.


Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil helps with emotional release while easing muscle tension.


How to Use

These oils can be applied topically. Add 5 drops each to 10 ml roller bottle and top with V-6 or your favorite carrier oil. Apply to back of neck, wrists, or bottom of feet. He can also diffuse in office while working to help stay on task.